The Goonies 80s Are Back


"Hey, you guuys!" Inspired by on the best movies of the 80s comes a band bringing back the sounds of the time and dropping their tunes with colorful die cut stickers to show what they are all about.

Bright colors, fish net wrist gloves, leg warmers, 80s covers and The Goonies all balled up in to one hip band out of Boulder, Colorado. The Goonies band is on the scene to cover the best the 80s had to offer in music. So how did they get started?
"Founded in 1985, after escaping a kidnapping by a large Sasquatch, the young rockstars decided to travel through time and come light up the 21st century.  While you may wake up with crimped hair, a sore neck, and no recollection of the last 12 hours, The Goonies never... ever.... say Hangover."

The Goonies' band logo is a design for the ages. They utilized the hot, bright colors of the era in a Goonies based design with two electric guitars blasting out of flames on the side. All of this is digitally printed in full color and then finished with free die cuts to the shape of the design ending up as an epic promotional sticker for the band.

If you see the band and receive a sticker, make sure to do the Truffle Shuffle in appreciation. Rock on Goonies!