The Honey Dewdrops

A sweet, soulful duo, the Honey Dewdrops serve up “deep-rooted harmonies, honest melodies,” and a sound that’s as old as time.

The Honey Dewdrops combine a high lonesome duet harmony vocal style with contagious energy, soulful new songs and a fresh angle. The result, with guitars, a banjo and a mandolin, is a sound that welcomes you in like a dear old friend. Warm and honest, the Dewdrops fill up a room with sound and spirit. Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish currently reside in Charlottesville, VA and will release their third album, Silver Lining, in late spring 2012.

We are absolutely loving their music and hope they come to the Front Range soon!

Apropos of nothing, we’ve been on a big fashion kick of late. Can’t quite explain why, but we can’t get enough of the latest looks, from fantastical shoes to head-to-toe steampunk. Even though we know it’s an endless cycle of imitation…er, homage and we can’t afford anything we see in the magazines or online, the nonstop eye candy has us completely riveted. Even the 80s redux has our attention. Reckon the old saw is true: whether you’re sporting granny panties or blue hair at the Grammys or considering a hipster mustache…everything old is new again.