The Nuclear Blast of Heavy Metal

Nuclear Blast Records

Heavy metal has blasted onto the music scene since the late 1980s in a big way. Nuclear Blast Records has been the main record label that has helped launch hundreds of metal bands since that time. This holiday season they are keeping things even more metal with killer gift tags.

Born from the love of rock, Markus Staiger started Nuclear Blast Records in 1987. Markus's passion was to listen to every new band hitting the scene and to not let any slip by his label. By doing so he created a small empire. Over the years, Nuclear Blast Records has built up quite the list of bands, one of the most notable being Lamb of God.

A big part of bands getting signed and going on tour is the merch. Nuclear Blast Records boasts quite the Band Merch store including CDs, vinyl records, t-shirts, and stickers. They also designed some heavy metal gift tags on our premium matte labels, making it easy to write on with a nice satin, finish.

Get creative and let your style rock on high-quality, custom matte labels.