Toddland Underpants

Custom clothing labels for Toddland Underpants printed by StickerGiant

Toddland is a California company that makes rad, fun stuff for men—including underpants. Drawers. Shorts. Boxers. Briefs. Tighty whities. Grippies. The only thing between two people having a good time. What you wear under what you wear.

And while their inspiration comes from back in the day, the merchandise is all shiny and new and packaged just for you.

Toddland believes that vintage is rad, but it’s a lot more rad without the butterfly collars, cigarette burns, and 30 year old patchouli scent. Plus vintage clothes could totally be haunted by their previous owners. Toddland brings you the same aesthetic as vintage, but with half the haunting and none of the mystery smells.

Which is a relief, really. Because who wants to risk it with (ahem) vintage underwear?