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Saul the Sticker Ball

The World's Largest Sticker ball gained local fame as a quirky roadside attraction with his ever-growing collection of adhesive memorabilia. Read More

Dive into the heart of Colorado with StickerGiant's custom stickers and labels, where local pride meets unparalleled quality and speed! From capturing the majestic Rockies in your designs to enjoying our rapid 2-4 day printing service, we offer an unbeatable combination of free artwork setup, quality materials, and fast turnaround. Whether you're promoting a brand, organizing an event, or celebrating Colorado's vibrant sports culture, our stickers and labels are crafted to make a statement. 

Fast Turnaround

We love to make your Custom Stickers and Labels FAST! At StickerGiant we use digital presses to print your stickers or labels with full color process, and then cut your designs to your custom shapes with lasers. Yep, real lasers! In doing so, we offer FREE Ground Shipping on all orders $55 and over. We ship via UPS, but offer expedited shipping options should you need to speed up your order. Our goal is to make things easy and get your custom orders to you as fast as we can print them! Colorado residents should still choose Ground Shipping in checkout since those orders typically arrive within 2-4 business days, but if you're local to Longmont or passing through, come visit us! We offer free pick up from 8-5pm. 

Endless Customizations

Our products serve a multitude of industries and purposes, making them essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. From promoting brands and enhancing product packaging to organizing events and creating eye-catching displays, our stickers and labels offer endless possibilities. With options for custom shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, our clients can create unique and impactful designs tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're looking to boost brand visibility, increase product appeal, or simply add a personal touch to your belongings, StickerGiant is your one-stop destination for high-quality, customizable stickers and labels that make a statement. 

Quality Craftsmanship  

Our Custom Stickers are locally made in Longmont, Colorado, ensuring the️ highest quality and attention to detail. At StickerGiant, we touch every piece of artwork submitted for Custom Stickers or Labels, and offer Free Proof Setup, so all you need to worry about is uploading your artwork files for us. Since stickers and labels are often used in different ways, your labels will be finished on a roll, while any die cut stickers are shrink-wrapped in easy to manage stacks for delivery. We add these steps into our printing and finishing process to keep your stickers or labels from shifting too much in shipping, and this keeps them looking great from our door to yours. 


We’re Colorado locals, of course we offer recycled material options, so you can proudly display your brand while doing your part to reduce waste in our beautiful state. By ordering through StickerGiant, you’re supporting our sustainability efforts including reducing carbon emissions, renewable resources and recycled materials.  

Our custom Matte Recycled Paper Labels are mother nature approved! These labels are printed on tearable recycled vellum paper, making them great for tamper-evident products and hand-written customization after printing. The sustainably sourced, post-consumer recycled materials are the perfect complement to eco-friendly products. And because we love all the shapes, the custom cutting for any shape is free! 

Our Kraft Paper Labels are printed on recycled material (made from brown, unbleached  natural fibers like wood pulp) and then finished with a scuff-resistant, UV-cured varnish  for added durability and protection for your designs. This means these paper labels will  hold up strong while looking great!