12 Laws of Business

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We work hard every day here at StickerGiant to make the best quality custom stickers and labels with the fastest turnaround. To do this, we work as a team to get the job done the right way and get our customers exactly the product they are looking for. So how do we do it and stay on track?

As StickerGiant has grown, our owner John Fischer constantly reminds us of the 12 Laws of Business as an approach to all the challenges that arise on a day to day basis. This keeps the whole company focused on the things that are most important. These 12 Laws were inspired by one of the greatest small startup businesses ever, Zingerman's and ZingTrain, who we highly recommend, whether for an amazing sandwich or to learn more business tactics.

We want to share with you our 12 Laws of Business for some insight into who we are as a company.

The 12 Laws of Business Followed at StickerGiant

  1. An inspiring strategically sound vision leads to greatness.

  2. You need to give your customers some really compelling reasons to buy from you.

  3. Without good finance, you fail.

  4. People do their best work when they're part of a really great organization.

  5. If you want staff to give great service, give great service to staff.

  6. To get great performance, you need to give clear expectations and training tools.

  7. Successful businesses do things others know they should do, but generally don't.

  8. To get to greatness you've got to keep getting better. All the time!

  9. Success means you get better problems.

  10. Strengths lead to weaknesses.

  11. It takes longer to make something great happen than you think.

  12. Great organizations are appreciative and the people in them have more fun!