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Farm Fresh Clothing Co. Brands Their Organic Cotton Tees in Custom Paper Labels


Farm Fresh Clothing is in Sebastopol and they use 100% organic cotton and produce all of their garments right in California. They're using our Brown Kraft Paper Labels for their gear to create a brand look that is classic, yet contemporary.

For their production process they print exclusively with eco-friendly, water-based inks, and we love their mission: to serve the planet and their economy first, and their bottom line second. Farm Fresh is a family. They’re a diverse group of folks that came together to make dynamite gear and create killer designs for people and brands we believe in. They also do custom work, and they have a Custom Shop that works with breweries, restaurants, events, brands, schools, software companies, social media - you name it. They call themselves a "wild team of t-shirt lovers and rock n' rollers that mean serious business." That's just the kind of spirit that we promote in the sticker business, and it's all good fun when you have great customers.

More about custom product labels

Our custom paper labels print in full color and come in various materials and finish on a roll with your choice of copy position. They are for indoor use and you can pick between shapes that include circles, oval, rectangles, and squares. They can go on more than just clothing, and we see a lot of can and bottle labels with a permanent adhesive that's refrigerator ready for freezer grade food products. There are white glossy options and a few ways to customize a paper label, which makes them a versatile piece of branding. We love the simply, type-drive approach from Farm Fresh, and that's why we just had to write up this sticker story. You can find these types of products from our "Everything Else" category when you enter the Type page in our cart. You just have to scroll down past the other product offerings, and you'll see Everything Else as the last option.



DoomRocket Logo Stickers Blast Off to Share Their Passion For Comic Books and More

Doom-Rocket-Comic-Books-Custom-Logo-Stickers-2018 is a website devoted to "comic book news, reviews and a bunch of other stuff" as they like to say. They promote all that other stuff with a classic circle sticker that holds their logo perfectly. This sticker also features our matte finish, which gives a smooth, non-glare finish.

In these days of digital publishing, it's great for websites to have stickers for their fans to spread that passion in the real world. DoomRocket readers will be able to slap these stickers wherever they find a space to show their love for this site.

The content on the site is edited and curated by Head Writer Jarrod Jones, bartender by day and blogger by night. He’s currently settled in Chicago, where he watches films and read comic books and writes about them, and he's joined by a crew of 18 writers and creatives that are located all over the place. They are putting out film reviews, comic book reviews, video games and tv reviews. As podcasters ourselves here at StickerGiant, we love seeing their Casual Wednesdays Podcast as part of their content offerings. It's a great way to reach existing fans with deeper storytelling and bring in new readers from the iTunes Store and other podcasting outlets.

Matte Die Cut Promotional Stickers

Matte Stickers make for a elegant style to display your logo, and this product offers outdoor durability, so they'll send your message out for years to come. It's a great investment for a marketing budget to add to a website's reach in real life. DoomRocker shows how it's done with a simple vector design and deep black to let their white text pop. From Chicago to Austin and Seattle to New York, these stickers will blast off to carry their love for comics...and all that other stuff.

Podcast Season Two, Episode 1 is all about Saul the Sticker Ball and how he came to be


We're kicking off season two with a special episode to celebrate National Sticker Day. We welcome on Jesse, StickerGiant marketing director and the person behind Saul the world’s largest sticker ball and National Sticker Day. We dove into that story in the episode about how Saul was created, plus what we have in store for this new season.

Top of Mind

Hamish: Winter Stickers

  • Jelt - white on black logo tying in product attributes

  • Hugh Jass Fatbike series - fun logo on a beer growler tying in the flannel design

  • Lifestylez ski tours - classic POW design and also this awesome camper snow cat

  • Jackson Hole Ski Resort - fun lift stickers and whimsical snow designs

Andrew: Cutwater Spirits story about static clings and canned cocktails on the blog last week.

Interview with Jesse Freitas of StickerGiant

We started with where the idea for National Sticker Day came from and how you go about starting a National Day. We focused on how the challenge came from our CEO John (Listen to his story from Season 1, it's a great!). He said it had to be more than just a day, it had to be a PR drive, and we discussed how the team came together to come up with new ways to create interest.

Then came the significance of January 13th, as it's R. Stanton Avery’s birthday. He was the first person to put adhesive on for labels and brand them as a product, so that's where that came from. You've probably used Avery office products, so we were honored to be able to give a tribute to a true printing industry luminary.

We started talking about the story of building Saul and then the Guinness World Record. One part of the Sticker Ball and the World Record challenge was that it turned into a team building exercise in the factory and out in the community. This helped out the larger media strategy with events and great exposure, and then we went deep into the first National Sticker Day and all of the media placements around it, from the Late Show with Seth Myers and other local media. Saul has since helped StickerGiant gain placements in Forbes magazine for their Small Giants story, Mashable, National Geographic Kids and Roadside America. Finally, Guinness featured Saul in a great video and entry on their website.

In fact, it was the Roadside America experiment that helped us come up with our 2018 concept of factory tours and even more community involvement. We truly do want to share these stickers stories with the world, so we now have a weekly tour scheduled every Friday at 2pm MST dedicated to showing everything we put into our process, including adding your name to Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball.

Podcast Episode 2: Live February 12th

Next month we'll welcome the team from Longmont Bicycle Company onto the show. They’re a local customer of ours printing promotional Die Cut Stickers for their bike shop. Hamish is really excited for that episode as he is a die hard mountain bike geek and loves any opportunity to talk bikes. Local bike shops are under a lot of pressure these days, so it’s cool to have a local shop on so they can tell their story. Stickers have always been prevalent in the bicycle industry, and the industry was definitely one of the early adopters of sticker marketing.

As you'll see, we are switching up our schedule for season 2. We are still recording on a Friday but we will be making the podcast available for download on Monday making sure its ready for download for everyone’s commute.

As always, the podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

Music & Art

Opening music Cha Cappella – Jimmy Fontanez
Closing music My Rollercoaster – Kimya Dawson
Art Alan Peters - Jupiter Visual

Custom Stickers Make Saul Bigger Again on National Sticker Day 2018


It's the third year of National Sticker Day, and it's always nice to reflect back on the days and years between.

Since building Saul, StickerGiant moved across Longmont into a new facility customized to the exact specifications we need to make the best custom stickers and labels. We've been more involved in our local community than ever before, and we've brought on more people in the past two years. It's been all about growth, which is part of the reason Saul chose to set a 2018 New Year's Resolution to *gain* weight.

That's right. The World's Largest Sticker Ball isn't resting on his laurels. No way. Saul's a striver, and he's growing, just like StickerGiant. In honor of the birth of R. Stanton Avery and National Sticker Day, Saul chose to meet with his friends at Wibby Brewing, home to Longmont's favorite lager, where everyone who attends can join in the World Record and Make Saul Bigger Again.

We covered the concept behind Saul and National Sticker Day on the first episode of our podcast for our second season, and you can listen to get the full story of how this all came to be.

But for now, learn about Saul's origin story from the podcast.

Static Clings Help Cutwater Spirits Canned Cocktails Shine Through Cooler Doors

Static Clings on cooler door Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits is a distillery out of San Diego that has used our stickers on packaging and for branding, but they are especially fans of the high-quality static clings that we offer. Static Clings are made of a flexible vinyl that will stick but not adhere to clean glass surfaces, which makes them perfect for display uses.

Cutwater Spirits typically places clings on refrigerator doors in off-premise, point-of-sale locations (liquor stores and grocery stores) to bring extra attention to the canned cocktails. This way, their loyal bottled spirit customers will know they have more Cutwater beverage options to complement the bottled spirits. And for store staff, the clings can move from one position on the shelf to another without having to clean up any residue.

The word "cutwater" has a few nautical meanings, where it can be the forward curve of the stem of a ship or the wedge of a bridge pier that resists the flow of water and ice. Those are great literal translations, but the folks at Cutwater Spirits let their creative spirit take wings as they are fond of the sea bird known as the Black Skimmer that flies low over the water and "cuts" into the water with its lower jaw to scoop up fish. You'll see this name on their Black Skimmer products.

Cutwater Spirits: many flavors of cans and clings

The spirit lineup is deep, as they have Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Liqueur, mixers, canned cocktails and beyond. For the canned cocktails, they take those same spirits and infuse them with a boatload of flavors. Then those cans end up in the stores with a cling on the case, and we can say with authority that the Old Grove Gin & Tonic features a delicate and refreshing mix of citrus and cucumber. It's great straight from the can, and with the ease of a pre-mixed, canned cocktail, the possibilities are endless for entertaining, as guests can pick their favorite flavor and not have to wait for a mix.

They sent us a photo of a cooler case near them, and you can see how the static cling doubles the display advertising for their product because of the glass door.

cutwater spirits cooler shot courtesy cutwater spirits

Cutwater Spirits started as a project in 2007 out of Ballast Point Brewing, and in 2016, the Cutwater team starting building a 50,000 square foot production facility. Now the location has a tasting room and kitchen, and they are one of the largest distilleries on the West Coast. We love the spirit of innovation with this craft cocktail industry, and it's great to serve them a unique product like static clings.

More about static clings

With our static clings, the vinyl material retains its "cling" properties for at least a year, or two, depending on the conditions where it's applied. We recommend these for indoor use, and static clings are not just for cooler cases, they can be used for product promotions on store front windows. We also see static clings used for annual memberships, where they are provided with renewal mailers for supporters to show off their affiliation with a group. You can choose from white or clear backing with the option to print on the front or back of the cling.

cutwater spirits static cling with can

Custom Yeti Sticker Sighting at My Colorado Stores


My Colorado Stores are located in shopping malls up and down the Front Range, and they help spur sales and highlight the Colorado brand with gear like these custom shaped Yeti Colorado State Flag stickers.

Gift and memorabilia shops are in most airports and tourist attractions, and if you have a fun shape and can incorporate some design element that customers will want to take with them, a custom sticker is a great, low cost souvenir that packs easily. State Flags are easy design choices because both residents of the state and travelers will want to represent their State Pride.

With stickers, people can put them anywhere, from car bumpers to notebooks.

Designing a State Flag Custom Sticker

Colorado designers and artists are fortunate because they have an iconic State flag made up for very basic, yet powerful, design elements: four colors and two shapes. (Not all states are so lucky, Colorado is #6 in in this list.) There's the yellow sun and the red C--both basically circles--and the two blue and the white rectangular bars that run across the middle serving as a the grounding element for the whole flag. This design came to be in 1911, and it took it's current form in 1964 when the C and sun element were made as large as the white stripe.

By adding the Yeti shape, this design helps provide a slightly left-of-center take on a basic flag. It's immediately a Colorado feel, since the mountains of Colorado are known for interesting stories of all kinds through history. Being able to capture that spirit in a sticker is a rarity, and My Colorado Stores can provide a sense of whimsy at the point of purchase, or add in a different take for their customers. They are part of a larger retail set of Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops, which are establishments that do business gifts and novelty merchandise, souvenirs, greeting cards, holiday decorations, and miscellaneous small art goods. It's an industry that features nearly 23,000 stores with combined annual revenue of about $19 billion, according to Dun & Bradstreet. For proprietors of these stores, inventory is always in flux and needs to stay current with the times. Colorado's Flag is a great use of branding, and a sticker is a timeless way to share a story.

For what it's worth, the last Sasquatch sighting in Colorado was as recent as 2016. For real, check out this KDVR news story about a possible brush with Bigfoot up in North Park.