3 Secrets To Tracking Online Traffic With Stickers

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With the growing popularity of the mobile web, it is important that you find creative ways to stay connected with your customers after handing them a sticker. The instant gratification of mobile browsing has created an expectation that your business listing will be easy to find with just a simple keyword combination.

Because your customers want to find you quickly and easily, you must execute strategic online and mobile marketing tactics in order to reap the ROI of promotional sticker distribution. And to make this happen, there are vital techniques you can employ to generate creative offline marketing conversions.

The 3 methods below will help ensure that you utilize your stickers to stay connected with your customers both offline and on.

Create A Sticker Design With Built-In Contact Information (but keeping it subtle is good)

There are many ways to design a sticker that encourages customer engagement online. With something as simple as a:

1. Contest offer:

A great way to engage fans with stickers is to incorporate a photo contest. Drive traffic to your site for participants to win brand-related items by instructing them to take photos of their stickers within a specified theme.

For example: if you are a food company, encourage your fans to take pictures of themselves presenting a dish that used your ingredient and include a sticker in the shot.

2. QR codes:

Need help driving traffic to your contest details? Add a QR code to your sticker for easy navigation. A QR code uses encoding to efficiently direct traffic to specified web pages when scanned with a smartphone application. There are many QR code generation applications out there to create your very own.

3. Hashtag it:

A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (#) primarily used by Twitter and Instagram users. Place a hashtag specific to your brand, event, or contest campaign to help direct online conversations and be sure to watch and participate in interactions.

Incorporating these three sticker design techniques, you can subtly entice your fans to connect where it counts.


  1. We have thought of using a Contest Offer with our stickers. I would love some more ideas on how to execute a contest offer IRL.

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