5 Easy Sticker Marketing Tactics To Build Your Business


Despite the playful promotional angle stickers can offer businesses, stickers are also a fast and trendy way to connect with customers. Not only are they increasingly popular among current consumers, they also speak to a wide range of demographics.

Here are a few ideas that will help you use stickers as an effective tool to increase your business’ visibility and reinforce your brand identity:

#1) Let your customer endorse you.
If you have a logo or brand that is popular in your community let your
customers "like" you on their gear.
[Click here to see how Southern California Motorcycle Association use stickers]

#2) Your brand builds community
We want to belong to the community, and if your business wants to
build community let your members/customers join by indicating their
membership by applying a sticker to their personal things.
[Click here to see how 9 Seeds builds awareness with their stickers]

#3) Stickers say I've been there.
I was there. Is your brand, event or project a destination? A sticker
says I've been there.
[Click here to see how WordCamps build community with stickers]

#4) Disruption
Disruptive brands, events, projects or products attract early adopters
and thought leaders, let them spread the word, give then a sticker.
[Click here to see how Ian's Pizza uses stickers to spread the word with their unique approach to sticker marketing]

#5) Packaging
Every product needs a label....a basic sticker can add branding to
everything you sell even when you can't afford a different label for
all your products.
[Click here to see how Mary's market and Deli leverages labels to drive their business]