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Long May They Run Podcast Sticker Sheets Create Lasting Impact

Long May They Run is a new show from C13Originals, a division of podcast company Cadence 13 that specializes in on-demand media. Cadence 13 creates, distributes, markets and monetizes premium audio products in partnership with creators and brands. To promote season one of Long May They ... [Read More]

Adobe Custom Stickers Ask Designers to Color Outside the Lines

To promote the official release of the new Adobe Color web experience ( on May 7th, the Adobe Color team printed these stickers as a giveaway for the launch event at the 99U conference in New York City. By picking a small, bold piece of marketing collateral, they were able ... [Read More]

Custom Stickers Remind JamBase Fans To Go See Live Music

JamBase is a website that serves up content related to all things live music, and these custom shaped die cut stickers carry their call to action with the bold all caps JamBase font and blue colorway. Back in 1998, when the internet was far less a part of daily life, Andy Gadiel and ... [Read More]