5 Labeling Tricks to Drive Valentine Sales


When it comes to leveraging the day of love to drive business sales, there are a few obvious markets that reap the rewards. Chocolatiers, flower shops and food vendors can easily entice buyers during this holiday because their products make for the perfect show of love. However, with the proper branding, the Valentines holiday can be a great opportunity for any business to entice buyers. Put a little spice in your marketing this Valentines by simply adding a premium white sticker labels to your packaging for the perfect holiday flare.

1. Stay Top of Mind with Holiday Flare 

“Valentine's Day can offers businesses a great way to drive revenue during the leaner midwinter months. When businesses take the time to make slight label branding changes they can efficiently keep their products or services seasonal and top of mind for consumers.” Says StickerGiant’s resident StickerFairy and maven of marketing Hailey Goddard. “Adding Valentines themed stickers to print pieces, product packaging, shipping boxes, or even including the theme ‘Love’ in promotional sticker campaign materials can give you an added touch that messages your item as current, trendy, and fun.”

2. Make Your Packaging Special 

Candies make for an easy gift option in February, which is why if you fail to stand out in the food aisles, you'll be shadowed by the competition. Pink, red, and white package branding themes make for easy seasonal recognition, and hearts, flowers, and kisses add to buyer resonance. Stickers make for and easy way to make minor packaging changes and can be used year after year.

3. Test A Seasonal Change

Aren’t convinced that a slight packaging change can make a difference for your business? Even if your products or services might not be considered romantic by market standards, take a chance and experiment with altering your presentation slightly and see whether you find results. At it’s core Valentines is about showing the people in your life a little extra love and attention.

4. Business is Personal, Show It

Whether you choose to use your own products or find gift items from another company, stickers can make even the most generic gift item personal. Purchasing a bag of local artisan coffee, a unique candle, box of chocolates or a living plant, make it yours with a custom sticker label.

5. Plan Ahead

Don't feel stuck tailoring your marketing strategy to a single holiday. Be sure to plan your branding tactics ahead by scheduling holiday marketing campaigns around the special seasons that move your customer segments the most. Sometimes just keeping track of the upcoming holidays can help you structure a unique marketing angle that you might not otherwise have thought of.