A Little Activism Can Be a Good Thing

Stickers_Stuck-Up_Piece_of_Crap_From_Punk_Rock_to_Contemporary_Art-sixhundred sticker activism stickergiant

You’re probably aware that “activism” doesn’t have a very good reputation in local vernacular, bringing to mind graffiti and protests. Remember Occupy Wall Street? A good idea that got a bad rap in the end. But activism simply means “the policy or action of using vigourous campaigning to bring about political or social change.” In this sense, stickers supporting your favorite candidate for mayor fall under this definition - and who doesn’t love stickers, right?

Have you ever been to an outdoor event where someone handed you a bottle of water with a custom label? This technique can be used as a form of sticker activism and is a great, cost-effective way to brand your cause without being intrusive. If you’re going to be set-up at a large event, consider handing out water with your own sticker label - people will undoubtedly see your message.

Bumper stickers adorn cars all across the nation, so you can take your message with you no matter where you go. An interesting design or stand-out colors can really make people pay attention to your product, brand or cause. Another fun idea is to take batches of your stickers to local businesses and leave them on the counter, or see if a sticker can be given with every purchase. Super easy, practical and easy on the wallet. Go ahead and get started now!