Angry Bird Stickers!


Every one loves Angry Birds.

Well, okay ... maybe not everyone ... but it sure is popular. How popular you ask?


Who would have ever thought that flicking a bird would be such a huge worldwide hit?

In honor of this milestone, we've added a snazzy set of Angry Bird Stickers to the StickerGiant retail store. The Angry Birds 24-Pak includes two dozen marvelously glossy paper stickers with five of your favorite characters.

The sheer size of the installed base isn't the most amazing about the feathered phenom. Rather, it's that the fans are active and engaged. Rovio reports that there were a whopping 263 million monthly active users in December, 2012.

I'll admit, I'm still flicking away with the free version, but I'm tempted by Angry Birds Space, the most downloaded paid iOS app in 2012 ... not to mention the Star Wars edition ...