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Doubling Up on Kiss Cut Stickers for the Game Devs of Color Expo


On Saturday, the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo will take place in New York City, and their custom shaped kiss cut sticker features a smart design where they get two small peel-offs on one rectangle sheet. This layout means the sticker is portable and memorable, with four-inch banners featuring their event branding. Back of an iPhone case? No problem. On a favorite writing journal? Yep. Whether it's a water bottle or a laptop, this sticker will travel.

As for the background on the Game Devs of Color Expo, it's a day-long conference experience at the historic Schomburg Center, a research library that's part of the New York Public Library and an archive for information on people of African descent worldwide. At the Expo, there will be panels, talks, and an arcade (of course). Speakers will talk about game development process, representation in games, and experiences within the games industry as people from different backgrounds.

Then everyone will try out incredible games made by people of color. This is the truly fun part of this event. On display there will be over 30 games made by people of color from across the United States as well as around the world. There are the major players like the Amazon Games Studio and Avalanche Studios. Attendees will learn from 20-plus speakers involved in the gaming industry, and they can choose from microtalks and panels that cover a broad range of topics about game development and racial/ethnic identity.

Most importantly, the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo is open to people of all genders, races, abilities, sexual orientations, and religions. The organizers are committed to ensuring that this event is inclusive to all. A few ways they are achieving this goal is to hold the event at a venue that is wheelchair accessible, to display live captions for all talks and presentations, and to make gender-neutral restrooms available to everyone.

The organizing team behind this event is the crew at Brooklyn Gamery, three game builders who create high-quality games. Their mission is to use games as a means of social change as well as encouraging cultural change in the games industry. And that's what we're all about, trying to bring about change and advocate for inclusiveness one sticker at a time.

RobotLab: The Card Game


Let's put our cards and full color stickers on the table. RobotLab is bringing attention back to table games with a card game that stems around a race to build the first fully autonomous robot.

RobotLab is a card game designed for two to five players and is quick to learn. It is STEM-inspired and uses color matching to build a robot faster than the other competing scientists to get the coveted Devol Prize in Robotics.

This fun card game was backed by a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground. In gearing up to officially launch the game later this year, RobotLab printed up some full color custom die cut stickers to put a face to their new card game with none other than a robot.

When getting any new product off the ground, it's smart to put all your cards on the table and go all in with promotional stickers.

KATAMCO presents the Toilet Timer & 1UPcard


KATAMCO is leveling up each one of their products, such as their Toilet Timer, with fun custom labels.

That's right, we said Toilet Timer. The Toilet Timer by KATAMCO is a product just released and their label preparation is amazing. It's not actually restricting time one spends in the restroom but it's a sand timer with the sand passing through like an hourglass, just it's not an hour glass. That's right potty humor at it's finest and it times out at five minutes. To get the humor just right for this product, they have printed up durable stickers to cover the face of the design, to give it the effect with custom shapes punched out at just the right spot. The design above shows Mario coming to the Toilet Timer soon.


Their other product is what every retrogamer requires, a cartridge cleaner. Specifically, they are selling a 1UPcard SNES Console Cleaner. SNES, if not known, stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and harkens us back to the days of Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country and other classic Mario games. This 1UPcard helps clean out those old cartridge games to keep the fun happening  years past it's prime.


KATAMCO printed up some glossy white labels to apply directly onto the cleaning cartridge with a fun Mario world style design with clouds around the brand information. They also sell a NES cartridge cleaner.

Thumbs up to using stickers and labels to polish off some really fun products at KATAMCO.

The Next Hunt: Pokemon Go Bumper Stickers


The hunt is on! The alert goes off on mobile phones and suddenly people are not where they are suppose to be. Parks are full of life with people glued to their phones swiping and sometimes meeting new people too. Pokemon Go has started a mobile gaming revolution in augmented reality and for those super excited, out hunting every day, Ctrl+Alt+Del Comics has you representing at every Pokéstop with custom bumper stickers.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Comics, also known as CAD Comics, has done a few series of amazing online comic strips. They are available on their website to read. CAD Comics also creates box set collections of their comics and has done some sweet sticker sheets with us in the past of some of their characters.

Like so many people around the world, Pokemon Go fever caught Tim and his wife in the never ending quest to stockpile Pokeballs and hunt for exotic Pokemon, even on trips to the park with the kids for ice cream. In honor of this new pastime, CAD Comics is now selling these fun designed bumper stickers and a hunting permit sticker. Rep your team or let other drivers know "I Brake For (Pokéstops)." The hunting permit is an especially nice touch to add to a card window and you can even fill in your own Permit ID as part of it.

Bumper to bumper traffic is never fun but it is an effective way to express your passions, like hunting mythical creatures embedded in our own reality.

Mobile Gaming Streaming with Mobcrush


Happy National Telephone Day! That's right, a day to celebrate all things phones. Given the telephone has changed a bit over the years, we are going to pivot this story to talking about mobile. Specifically, Mobcrush who is bringing a new way to enjoy mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming account for over three billion dollars revenue in 2015 and rose over a billion dollars from 2013 to 2015. To say there are a few people on their phones playing games is an understatement. Mobcrush has launched a beta version of it's site that allows users to live stream their mobile gaming experiences and allow other viewers to tune in.

Live streaming is a big deal. Before Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live came around, people were already tuning into live game streaming sites at high rates to figure out tips, tricks, and preview some of the games on the market today. Mobcrush has an easy to log into portal that let's users check out different games and featured broadcasters. It also allows for chat interactions on the live streams to talk all things gaming.

In launching and promoting Mobcrush, their team created these four colorful stickers with animated figures to spread the word. Their logo is a tile background on the stickers themselves but the peel offs are just the custom shaped figures. This is a great way to spread the Mobcrush brand and get more interaction with the stickers.

Crush it with custom stickers to interact with gamers, game broadcasters and more.

Rocket Powered Gaming with Psyonix

Pysonix Studios

Oh the world of video games, where all our dreams come true, especially the ones using rocket power. Psyonix has been involved in designing some "unreal" games and has put the pedal to the metal on their exhilarating game Rocket League.

A little about Psyonix:
"Based in San Diego, Psyonix is an independent video game developer that has worked with industry-leading game publishers and developers for nearly 15 years. We are experts in Unreal Engine technology and multiplayer gaming, and have been a driving force behind some of the most successful titles on the market, including Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bullet Storm, Unreal Tournament III, Unreal Tournament 2004, and the upcoming free-to-play title, Nosgoth. In 2008, Psyonix self-published Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars exclusively for PlayStation 3 and the critically-acclaimed space shooter, ARC Squadron for mobile devices in 2012."

Psyonix ability to create great multiplayer experiences goes back quite awhile to the revolution that was Unreal Tournament, which was a gaming fan favorite. With their summer release of Rocket League they have really geared things up. In celebrating Rocket League, they created custom bumper stickers and logo stickers to slap on consoles and cars to proclaim "My Other Car is Rocket Powered."

Gear up and get custom stickers to celebrate your achievements, whether for staff working on a project or for all the fans to represent their favorite game with. Custom gaming stickers always win.