Antarctic Trail Crew

Oval Bumper Stickers for Antarctic Trail Crew printed by StickerGiant

Every so often we make stickers for people who do extreme activities...because they want to. Like swimming for miles or jumping out of airplanes or trying to change the world. And every time, we marvel at their bravery, wonder a little bit at their sanity, and usually feel just a bit oafish in comparison to such hardy souls.

And then there's today's sticker. From what we can gather, the Antarctic Trail Crew are an annual bunch of volunteers who groom the trails on Ross Island in Antarctica. Yes, that Antarctica. You know, that place covered in ice that doesn't see a sunrise for 6 months in a row. THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH. Too cold for penguins, some of the time. The place that refers to ice with a capital I.

We bow down in Trail Crew kids are truly some kind of superhero tough wingnuts!

Here's a glimpse at the research bases that allow hundreds of scientists to do research and whatnot on The Ice. Surely it's not for everyone, but it could be pretty cool, right? You know they get up to some crazy good times down there.