Proud Partners of the Archuleta School District


It may be Spring Break for some, but when you work in education there's always action behind the scenes. Take for instance Archuleta School District's Proud Partner program that helps connect students to their community, and the custom clear stickers this group printed up for the participating businesses and individuals that make this program a success.

"The Pagosa Proud Partners Program was created through a collaborative effort by the school board, school district staff, and community members in order to help the community better support student success. It’s a way to better connect businesses and individuals who are interested in helping our students and teachers," says Dough Hershey, Proud Partners Coordinator.

People are helping out in different ways through volunteering in classrooms and assisting with after school programs. There also are opportunities for businesses that give donations and some that offer job training for students.

In partnering with the community, the Archuleta School District came to StickerGiant for help with clear decals that will honor people giving time and shine some light on the program along the way.

"The decals we got from StickerGiant will be a way to recognize our community partners who have done so much to help our schools," said Doug Hershey, Proud Partners Coordinator."These stickers will acknowledge partner contributions and spread the word to others who are interested in helping out."

Time and energy is all it takes to play a part in student's success, and when you have stickers you broadcast this goodwill in a unique way.

Share your story to the world with your own custom stickers.