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Put the Solar System in Your Pocket with Sticker Sheets at Edelman Planetarium


Look to the skies and put the Solar System in your pocket at the Edelman Planetarium with custom sticker sheets.

Yesterday was pretty amazing to see so many people stop what they were doing, put on solar glasses and look to the sky as we witnessed a Solar Eclipse. It's just one event that occurs in our large Milky Way Galaxy though and some are celebrating it all the time. Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University is one of the spots to go for an immersive 360-degree stargazing experience with their digital sky.

The Frederic and Jean Edelman Planetarium is not just for students of the university but is a public resource for astronomical information and education around natural sciences. They do a lot of work with school groups of all ages and their domed theater serves as the main attraction giving us a look into what's beyond our night's sky in outer space.

In celebration of educating people about our solar system, the Edelman Planetarium printed up these really neat custom sticker sheets with the planets, sun and asteroid belts as custom peel off stickers. They even labeled each one in English and Spanish. This is such a creative and interactive way to reinforce teaching others about the elements of our solar system.

Creativity through sticker sheets is always fun to see but educating with sticker sheets is one that makes us super proud to make stickers everyday.

Building Robots at Westview Middle School


It's National Robotics Week, and we are celebrating with this bonus sticker (above) that is going in every order all month long. Robotics is changing the way we live, and automation in some form is improving a variety of business and industries. The little-known fact about robotics is that this discipline has created new ways to educate children how to problem solve. With companies like VEX Robotics creating the tools, and schools like Westview Middle School here in Longmont implementing them into after school robotics programs, there is now a whole new way for kids to gain new skills while engaging in the spirit of competition.

Students are building their own VEX robots and programming them to get ready for big competitions while bringing some stickers along for the ride.

Westview Middle School has built up a Competitive Robotics Team over the last few years and now find themselves attending the U.S. Open Robotics Challenge on an annual basis. This is a super exciting program because it challenges the students to not only think through problems, but also, trains them on a lot of different communication skills.  The kids in the program get split up into teams with the challenge of designing and programming a robot to compete in a game.  As they go through this process, they have to learn to work together and come up with solutions to problems as they arise.

"The Westview Robotics program is continuing to grow and become very successful in the state of Colorado," said Daniel Hernandez, Westview's Computer Science & Robotics Teacher. "This year we have 7 Competitive Teams comprised of 28 - 7th and 8th graders and have already qualified 3 Teams to represent Westview at the Colorado State Tournament (against HS teams) and the U.S. Open Robotics CREATE Nationals." Westview also ran a 6th grade robotics club involving 35 students and three 6th grade teams of 12 students that is already working alongside the main teams.


After the kids put in the work to compete, they also go out and present to sponsors to seek donations to their robotics teams so they can travel to these competitions and get the tools needed to run the program. We were fortunate enough to be pitched by the Westview Robotics team. The students were so impressive in what they had put together that we sponsored them for the U.S. Open Robotics Challenge and made sure they had custom stickers to represent their school and individual team names.

The Westview Robotics team competed hard in the U.S. Open Robotics Challenge just last week and walked away with an experience they will never forget.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Proud Partners of the Archuleta School District


It may be Spring Break for some, but when you work in education there's always action behind the scenes. Take for instance Archuleta School District's Proud Partner program that helps connect students to their community, and the custom clear stickers this group printed up for the participating businesses and individuals that make this program a success.

"The Pagosa Proud Partners Program was created through a collaborative effort by the school board, school district staff, and community members in order to help the community better support student success. It’s a way to better connect businesses and individuals who are interested in helping our students and teachers," says Dough Hershey, Proud Partners Coordinator.

People are helping out in different ways through volunteering in classrooms and assisting with after school programs. There also are opportunities for businesses that give donations and some that offer job training for students.

In partnering with the community, the Archuleta School District came to StickerGiant for help with clear decals that will honor people giving time and shine some light on the program along the way.

"The decals we got from StickerGiant will be a way to recognize our community partners who have done so much to help our schools," said Doug Hershey, Proud Partners Coordinator."These stickers will acknowledge partner contributions and spread the word to others who are interested in helping out."

Time and energy is all it takes to play a part in student's success, and when you have stickers you broadcast this goodwill in a unique way.

Share your story to the world with your own custom stickers.

Where There Be Dragons


Taking learning to the map's edge. Where There Be Dragons offers programs for students, educators and adults the experience of traveling to different countries and collect a sweet custom logo sticker at the end of it all.

Since 1993, Where There Be Dragons has been organizing travel to develop cross-cultural education, leadership, self-exploration and global citizenship. The opportunity is available to high school students, college students, teachers and adults. It's an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on the locations that each program visits giving a unique perspective on different places around the world.
"We are dedicated to cross-cultural education because we believe that future leaders will be required to think beyond borders and address the implications of resource scarcity in our global community. In this work, we feel part of a larger movement in education and want to help nurture and develop that movement however we can. To this end, our educator courses are designed to help teachers and administrators grow as global educators in and out of the classroom."

The significance of dragons is because in the past dragons marked unknown territories on maps. Their logo on it's own makes an awesome sticker design but even better for students who complete their programs, they get a white vinyl sticker proudly stating that they are an alumni of the program. It's a great way to commemorate the experience and put on luggage to travel with you as an educated world traveler.

HomeGrown Heroes


It's always fun to pick up a sweet sticker design and find out the story behind it. With this instant classic, green bus sticker for HomeGrown Heroes, we discovered their great cause to advocate for more fresh produce in their community and schools.

HomeGrown Heroes is in High Point, North Carolina where they rank 9th in the nation for food insecurity. The impact of this ranking is that children are going hungry and sometimes only have access to food at their schools. Through partnerships and a local elementary school as a pilot for their program, they are creating a school based garden and farm to schools program that offers hands on activities with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education.
"Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, academic learning, community and social development, and environmental stewardship. The produce that is grown in the school gardens by the students will be used on the HomeGrown Heroes Educational Mobile Market to serve the surrounding communities where their families live."

In gaining support for their cause, they have a petition on and also are selling these die cut stickers encouraging people to stick them on their fridge, car or other unique surface; and then calling them to take a picture of it to share as part of their HomeGrown Heroes Hunger Challenge.

Stickers are calling for change, just tell them what to say.



StuyHacks is a student-run hackathon taking place in the heart of Manhattan. They seek to expose as many high school students as possible to technology to unlock their creativity and innovation. They'll be hacking for two days at ThoughtWorks NYC with a custom logo sticker on hand for their hackers.
To us, hackathons are more than friendly competitions - they're opportunities to meet the great inventors, creators, and thinkers of the future. Our job is to eliminate the negative connotations that come with hacking and the technology field, and to instead replace them with the idea that coding something anyone can do, even in a weekend. We want to help trailblaze a new generation of diversity and enthusiasm for invention. Come join our movement.

This hackathon is run by a group of nerdy and far-too-caffeinated high school students from Stuyvesant High School. Keep an eye out for them during the hackathon.

Check in on the happenings on their Facebook Page StuyHacks and on Twitter @StuyHacks.