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At StickerGiant, we run our business with a different kind of business model known as Open Book Management. This transparent approach to business creates a culture that empowers employees to dive into the numbers of a business and feel truly invested in the end results.

We have expanded our approach to Open Book Management and developed what we call "Open Book Marketing." The goal of this was to develop a line by line approach of statistics that drive traffic to new customer acquisitions and ultimately effects every aspect of our business at StickerGiant.

Let's review the rules of Open Book Management that make it successful:

  • Know and Teach the Rules: Every employee should be given the measures of business success and taught to understand them

  • Follow the Action & Keep Score: Every employee should be expected and enabled to use their knowledge to improve performance

  • Provide a Stake in the Outcome: Every employee should have a direct stake in the company’s success-and in the risk of failure

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the execution of Open Book Marketing drives results on the main huddle board for the company and is ultimately a sub category of the goals of StickerGiant. This is a new way to further dive into the rules and keep score.

Breaking down the Marketing

Marketing Huddle Board at StickerGiant

Marketing Huddle Board

Stickers are marketing. Our main slogan in marketing StickerGiant is "Every sticker has a story." We love our customers and love to see what the stickers and labels we make are used for. These are the stories we share. How do you measure the success?

Steps we take to breakdown Marketing:

  1. Every Tuesday after our main company huddle, the marketing team meets to go over the numbers for the previous week

  2. Just like the main huddle, we spend 20% of the time looking at what happened and 80% of the time looking ahead to the future and how to improve the numbers

  3. Each employee involved in the marketing efforts is responsible for lines related to their role. This creates more engagement, ownership, and accountability on the results.

  4. We plan out goals month to month for each line and each employee then forecasts, based on real time, what they expect to happen week to week.

  5. We then review how all these aspects of marketing are affecting the overall growth of the company and discuss ways to improve the customer experience.

So what are we looking at? New customers, social media engagement, blog sessions, referrals, Google Ad Words, and sponsorships. Every company will look at different numbers but these are what we focus on to drive StickerGiant to further success.

Every week these marketing huddles give us great insight into what we are doing and how it affects StickerGiant's ability to give you an awesome customer experience.

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