Bite-sized custom shaped stickers for sweeten up their packaging

When the Carta Family of Fort Worth decided to take a Texas-sized bite out of the restaurant industry, they didn't know they'd start a local dessert revolution. What began as Lumi Snow, a snow cream shop (yes that's a thing), spawned an addition of an edible cookie dough option that is now

You can see their custom shaped die cut stickers really take a bite out of the design, with the close cuts on the teeth marks. The white script font helps their brand sit front and center on the black background. By using a sticker as their label, they are able to take each individual sticker and place it right on the product container itself. With every half pint of edible cookie dough they send out, they tell a story with their sticker.


Two years ago they rolled the dice and opened up a dessert restaurant in Fort Worth with two small kids and another on the way. They had no restaurant experience and had no clue what they were doing, but they knew in their heart that they were passionate about helping families create memories. By focusing on families and their shared experiences, Lumi Snow created such a sugar high in their community that within a few months they had lines out the door and realized they needed to expand. They opened their second location sixteen months later, and they added the edible cookie dough you see here to their dessert lineup.

Using stickers as labels

StickerGiant has many label options for our small business customers, but we also see stickers as labels. We have kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers as options, and each one can be customized for your end use. You can choose a glossy or matte finish, and you can pick a roll or individual stickers as the final delivery.