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Meet Tom: Account Manager, Broncos Fan and StickerGiant Barista


Get to know Tom, a long-time fixture here in the StickerGiant front office. His business is all about helping people find the right sticker for their story. When he's not delighting customers, he's cheering on his beloved Broncos. For real, when this guy gets a paper cut, he bleeds orange and blue. Oh yeah, he brews a mean pot of coffee, too.

WordPress Y'all! Get ready Austin, Birmingham and New York City, it's time for a WordCamp weekend and Wapuu stickers

WordCamp Austin and WordCamp Birmingham stickers

Wapuu-themed WordCamp stickers and sticker sheets are traveling to three different cities this weekend, with Austin, Birmingham and New York City on the list. Aficionados of WordPress will gather to celebrate the web's favorite content management and development platform, and learn a whole bunch in the process.

For each locale, Wapuu is ready to code and play with a local theme. Down in Austin, Wapuu is keeping it weird with a tie-dyed shirt and a scrumptious street taco, Birmingham Wapuu is doing some metal work with some serious sideburns and in New York City Wapuu has stolen Lady Liberty's crown and he's climbing the Empire State Building. Wapuu really has all the fun.

WordCamp Austin went with a simple kiss cut sticker for their design as you can see in the photo above, which means that the backing is slightly larger than the sticker. They'll be able to pass these out during the event and stack them all over their WordCamp for their fans. WordCamp Birmingham has a three-peel sheet with an Alabama state outline featuring their event branding, the hard-working Wapuu and a phrase "WP Y'all" that's the perfect mix of subtlety: you get the WordPress reference and the southern drawl.

WordCamp NYC Clear Sticker Sheet

WordCamp NYC went with our clear sticker product for their sticker sheet, which is why you see the blue background. We do that on the artwork proof so people know that the backing will be clear. This sheet has the three different treatments of their event logo design, which is the Empire State Building and the WordPress badge in one. Then of course our cuddly friend Wapuu scaling the building with the Statue of Liberty crown. With four total stickers, this make for a fun and portable piece of brand collateral.

WordCamp NYC 2017 sticker sheet

As with any WordCamp, it's all about the volunteers and the organizing team, so we wanted to give a shout to all of the hard work they've put in leading up to this weekend. As you can see below, Wapuu is ready to roll thanks to the creative and talented designers who made sure he had everything he needed to rock his WordCamp appearances.




ARROW seeks to diversify the corporate workplace through education

arrow kiss cut sticker

ARROW is passionate about diversifying the corporate workplace. To help promote their message, they printed up a custom shaped kiss cut sticker that shows a woman with a cape signifying empowerment.

The team at ARROW analyzed the lack of diversity of socioeconomic position and gender among business professionals, and they saw a huge gap. They wanted to solve that problem, so they are trying to provide free educational resources to girls and students in under served communities. Their project aims to make success less exclusive by providing resources to high school students of all genders and economic class.

ARROW is focusing on two major topics: education reform in New York City and women in tech and business. To address education, they hope to provide high school students of every race, class, and gender equal access to education. When it comes to women in tech and business, only 21 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of computer workers has declined since 1990 and only 25% of computing jobs are held by women. That's how both of these ARROW initiatives can work together to help empower young women to go into tech and business, by addressing those two core problems.

Following the model of free resources for the community, ARROW NYC is holding their second free citywide tech and business event will take place at Hunter College High School. There will be an afternoon filled with speakers, workshops, and prizes and swag bags. The only requirements are that you are a girl in middle school or high school who is interested in the intersection of computing and business. These stickers will be all over, and we look forward to seeing them on social media. We want to help this team close the gender gap and grow jobs in tech and business leadership.

And anyone can help out with this initiative! If you come across an internship opportunity, immersion program, or online resource relating to business and finance or computer science and tech, please pass it along to the ARROW team. These opportunities can change perspectives on future careers and spark interest in a brand new field.

For ARROW, the story of helping girls succeed will get spread one superpowered sticker at a time.

Paranormal fun and screaming good times at the Dickens Horror Film Festival


Our friends at Colorado Festival Productions are gearing up for the 3rd Annual Dickens Horror Film Festival, and a custom sticker really brings the spooky factor to the party. There are blood splatters, a full moon ripe for howling, and optimal event branding for the venue host. It's both fun and freaky, kind of like the Dickens Horror Film Fest itself.

Longmont's Dickens Opera House is rumored to be haunted, and it takes its name from William Henry Dickens a relative of the famous author Charles Dickens who built the place in 1881. According to their website, there is a tale of an actor and his girlfriend who were discovered and killed by the irate husband of the actress. Many performers have claimed to experience paranormal activity when playing shows at the venue, which makes it a perfect place to hold a horror film festival.

The organizers have built a program that's more that just gore and fear, as they've selected thrillers, chillers, and slashers that will make you scream and laugh. There are 22 total films over the course of the day, with two feature films to cap off the entire festival.
Events at the Dickens Horror Film Festival celebrate the entire process of film making; from the exchange of ideas with other determined filmmakers, engaging in the craft of film making and giving recognition to the unique visions of other artists thru the awards. Join us in celebrating that hard-fought journey to create a film.

Colorado Festival Productions want their audience to connect with the artists, the musicians and the filmmakers that have made Longmont and The Front Range their home. Their hope is that you’ll discover a film that warms your heart, touches your soul, or just makes you think. Stickers make for the perfect parting gift when patrons leave any type of festival, so make sure that as the credits roll you're ready with your own custom stickers. It's an instant way to connect with an audience and then have them take your brand on their own journey.

This is the third Colorado Festival Production where we're helping with stickers. We like their mission of being the best full-service production and equipment rental company that's committed to building the film industry in Colorado. They also have a streaming platform and other production offerings. Here are the other two festivals that we've worked on with their custom kiss cut stickers.

Marketing with stickers and labels: how better photos can help sell your brand


Let's face it: the best camera is the one you have with you. More often than not, you're going to have your phone in your pocket. Hopefully you have a smartphone that takes decent pictures, because we're going to be talking a little bit about tips and tricks to taking pictures of your stickers with your phone once they arrive.

Stickers are an ideal way to market your brand, and visual storytelling is one approach that can increase engagement with your products or services. Whether you are labeling a product with a new roll that just arrived or if you're handing out stickers at a conference, you don't want to miss an opportunity to capture a moment that later can work as piece of creative in your advertising. Since we're always in our shop taking pictures, we wanted to share some things we've learned if you want to step up your photography game.

Get Close

Kind of goes without saying, but the closer you are, the more detail you can convey. Here, our content creator, Andrew is getting right up on the die cut machine to get the sticker before it gets cut. We love to get in-process shots of the stickers and labels because people want to see behind the scenes of how the magic happens.


Soft focus

As you'll see in this photo below, the foreground is in focus, while the background is slightly and intentionally blurry. This helps you focus your viewer on what you--the photographer--are highlighting. It's a classic technique, and now the new iPhone portrait mode will do this for you automatically. It's a harder effect to achieve on a smartphone, but easily done with a DSLR camera in manual focus. Simply zoom all the way in and focus on the desired object and then zoom out. You might need to play with ISO and f-stops, but that's for an advanced post about photography.


And here's another example that just works so well with the foreground in focus and the background blurred out. This shot also illustrates the concept known as the "Rule of Thirds" very effectively. The sticker is not centered in the frame, and the eyes are looking into the negative space on the left of the frame. This gives the image room to breathe and for the view to interpret the image however they like.



This is a key point that's often overlooked because a photographer is always concerned about what's right in front of them. On this point, however, we want to make sure that it's understood that the background can sometimes be distracting, so how you stage your shot is crucial. Check this gallery of some shots from our factory that uses this principle.

[gallery ids="60403,60393,60323,60373,60343,60383"]

Below is an example of a background that reinforces our branding, while also serving as a foundation for this really cool custom shaped die cut sticker for Front Row Ventures, a venture capital company in Canada. The shadows and lighting are just about perfect, and the background doesn't overpower the sticker.front-row-ventures-2017-medium


Fluorescent lights are rough. With the caveat aside, we take a ton of pictures in our factory under these hard-edged lights, and we are always aware the of the glare on our glossy stickers and labels. We do plenty of editing to account for that, but you do want a nice direct light, and sunshine always makes a big difference. Check out these three photos of our clear labels, and you decide which one you like. The second two are outside shots, while the first one is indoors. Again, mix it up because variety is the spice of life. Lastly, watch the use of your flash because it might cause glare or mess with that perfectly lit frame.

[gallery size="medium" ids="60493,60503,60513"]


So here's a super staged photo with some swag that Google sent us. We wanted to post a picture of our partnership, so we threw some of our die cut logo stickers with the gear. It made for a colorful and engaging post because it was that key variable: variety. It helped mix up our feed, plus we tagged Google.


Instagram user Muddy Mint makes soap, and they staged this scene with their bar and their labels. The entire motif here is perfect, with the colors and the lighting working in perfect harmony.


Instagram user Pantone811 tagged us in this beautifully staged photo where they displayed the pint glass we sent them with their stickers all around. And that looks like a margarita with a salted rim, so bonus for them.



We host our favorite photos on Flickr, and we manage them using Google Drive and Google Photos on our Android devices and the Photos app on iOS. That way we can always have photos with us since we use all of those apps to post when we're on the go or running around the factory.


Everyone's on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, right? Well, each medium has its own format and audience, and you have to be aware of that. We tag each customer in our Instagram photos, and it's partially why they tag us back. We're all about growing that community. Plus, use appropriate hashtags to help spread your products or your business. We love seeing our Instagram community at work, and it's been a joy to follow their stories.

One quick note: People are great for engagement when you post on social media--we're humans after all, and it's called "social media" for a reason. This post from the Stonybrook Society of Women Engineers showcases stickers and excited audience.

In closing, you don't have to be professional photographer to take great photos of your stickers and labels. We are definitely not perfect with all our photos. However, with a little thought and creativity put into staging, just take a few photos and get one out in the world. Finally, if you aren't using your stickers in photos on social media, start doing it! It's an easy way to sprinkle your brand into a lot of places. Here's a quick gallery of photos where our awesome customers tagged us on Instagram.

[gallery link="none" ids="60153,60163,60173,60183,60203,60213,60223,60233,60243"]

In closing, we wanted to have one last photo that showcases the diversity of colors, shapes and sizes that run through our shop.


Lost Cabin Beer Company crafts small-batch brews and builds community in Rapid City


Beer and stickers make for a great pair, and the team at Lost Cabin Beer Company in Rapid City, South Dakota, knows a thing or two about pairings. Their small-batch craft ales and lagers go hand in hand with the great outdoors and the local community in the capital city of the Black Hills Region.

Custom rectangle logo stickers help them reinforce that brand identity and evoke a time gone by where a good campfire and a great beer were all that you needed. Rectangle stickers are most notable for their use as bumper stickers and also, work well for a wide variety of logo uses.

Rapid City is the jumping off point for travels to Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Devils Tower, Badlands National Park and (in)famous Wall Drug, and that's just the marquee attractions in a grand geography that spans western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming.

We're fans of their quality ethic because (like us) they only the finest ingredients in their brewery and work hard to source many of them locally. They put pride in their work, and their tasting room displays their love of the outdoors and their goal to serve the people of the town. They have a large selection of branded gear, and they are creating an experience for their fans that lasts beyond the bar stool.

Check out the creativity on their tap list as of October 2017. They are rotating beers frequently, so check back with them if you're in the region. They're worth the stop.