Boing Boing

Die Cut Stickers custom printed for Boing Boing at StickerGiant

Concerned about censorship, threats to the environment, general corruption and political stupidity, the latest cool tech toy, and why science is cool...but tired of digging around to read up on it all? Do you feel overwhelmed by your diverse interests and the amount of information on life's superhighway?

*Sigh* If only there was a way to find all of this stuff without all of that searching and clicking and clicking and searching. Hang on, reader: there is! You need a place on the Internet to call home, lil fella. You need Boing Boing.

Part news interpreter, part conversational current events updater, part what the what was that story sharer, part digital provocateur, Boing Boing is currently a (group) blog that used to be a magazine that became a website. Seriously, we could read it all day.

Flexibility, people! It's the most important requirement to making a go of it in today's rapidly changing society. That and more fiber. And possibly a shut-up gun, in case things get dicey on the bus.