Charon by Hudzo


Hudzo is one Peter Hudson, an artist who's "available for large scale kinetic zoetrope art installation for events and festivals worldwide." This guy makes some seriously awe-inspiring sculptures...that move, light up, and trip your expectations.
After a two-year hiatus, San Francisco-based artist Peter Hudson returns to Burning Man 2011 and the forum of public art with his latest piece, Charon. Charon is a three-dimensional stroboscopic zoetrope commemorating one of the great rites of human passage.

Wait...a zoetrope...what? Here's a visual to help you:

Surely you've heard of Burning Man, that most creative, expressive, excessive of art festivals held every year since 1986, the past 21 in Nevada? Not too late to join the other free-wheeling, whackadoo happy peoples in the Black Rock Desert this year. Trust us: it's an event like no other!