The Rooster


Looking for the latest kicks, tastiest snax, and freshest shows? If it's groovy and it's in the wild west of Canada, you'll see it on the virtual pages of the curated, edited, cool-sanctioned style of Spareparts.
Spareparts is a premium lifestyle accessories shop, offering the very best brands and styles available. As a nod to our roots in the community and our love for making the most of life, we put together a site pinned on celebrating the arts, activities, and people that make these cities great – things that we’ve picked up on after being immersed in the scene for a while.  Content on The Rooster comes to you courtesy of our dialed-in staff and handpicked wave-makers in each city. These include musicians, artists, foodies, travelers, athletes, bartenders, photographers, writers, local shop owners, fashion experts, actors, and socialites. As a result, we feel we have built not only a read-worthy online magazine, but a very special community and something to be very proud of.

Oh, roosters! From lost poultry breeds to city slickers, folksy sing-alongs, and fancy chocolates named for cocky filmakers—your kind is often maligned and the butt of jokes. Or much, much worse. Case in point: The most famous animated rooster of all time is, shall we say, a blustering buffoon. And while you studs may get all the action, it's always the hens who star in the farm-to-table story. We feel for ya, guys. Beak up!