Check Out How Stickers Have Helped These Small Businesses

StickerGiant small business stickers

So you have a business, and you'd like to make sure people know you have a business. After all, that's probably the main reason you struck out on your own, right? To get enough customers so you have a thriving enterprise.

There are so many marketing tactics you can try, some more expensive than others and with various degrees of effectiveness, so we've made the decision simple and are showcasing case studies from some successful small businesses that have used custom stickers to make it big.

Southern California Motorcycle Association and their stickers have made marketing simple and relevant

When the Southern California Motorcycle Association wanted to advertise their exclusive USA Four Corners ride, they turned to sticker marketing to get the job done.  At the end of each race, those who had completed the competition and had their entry recorded were given a sticker of completion. Those stickers indicated to fellow riders you had the soul, grit and tough endurance to ride for sport, and quickly became the most sought-after recognition SCMA has ever had.


WordCamps are the number one place to for everything WordPress, and also the best place to see new brands and businesses showcased via laptop stickers. 9seeds was formed to help small businesses and bloggers get the most out of the WordPress platform, and founder John Hawkins was often a keynote speaker at the Camps.

9 seeds speaks at workcamps with stickers

When his company officially launched in 2009, Hawkins had stickers made for customers and clients. He started to see them show up on laptop cases at WordCamps, and realized what a large, untapped market he could take by storm; his strategy became business card + sticker, and helped his business boom.

Custom stickers can be used for a number of things, and using them for marketing is just one creative way to gain a great reputation. Do you want to see your small business skyrocket to the top? Click here to get your own awesome stickers!