Codence Custom Stickers Provide A Rallying Cry For Their Team


Codence is on a mission to help companies unlock data, root out inefficiency, improve processes and leverage great software that grows the bottom line.

For years, Codence has worked closely with clients of all sizes and in all industries to build robust, flexible FileMaker solutions. FileMaker is a database program developed by Claris International, a subsidiary of Apple. Codence has built what they call the "Genesis Financial Suite" for the FileMaker platform, so their customers get out-of-the-box capabilities for transactions, accounting, and business intelligence with off-the-charts customizability. This allows companies to manage business in real-time and integrate with existing systems to impact business growth.

In almost every segment of business, education, and government, millions of customers use FileMaker to organize projects, people, assets and more.  One common use for FileMaker is as Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Super random geek fact? All of the knowledge of the Star Wars Universe is stored in FileMaker, in what LucasFilm calls the "Holocron continuity database? Yep. FileMaker can even store and access information from a galaxy far, far away. Pretty futuristic stuff, when you think about it.

While Codence is serious about FileMaker, they are also a fun company to work for. The "We Kill Spreadsheets" sticker design in the photo above was the winner of an internal design contest. The team at Codence came up with the idea of a contest within the company to make a fun piece of branded creative, and also to spur innovation across the company in a unique way.

According to Danielle Borges, Marketing Manager at Codence, the goal for the contest was to come up with a design that was "entirely fun and for our friends and family." The only prompt they gave contestants was that the design relate to a team or the Codence business in general and that they encouraged humor and creativity.

The winning design is a die cut sticker, which uses the custom shape to full effect. What's really great about this sticker design is the use of perspective as a design element, with the skeleton hand popping off the sticker holding a rolled-up spreadsheet printout and a drop shadow below giving it a three-dimensional effect.

The circle-wrapped text gives the rallying cry: We Kill Spreadsheets, with a tagline "Saving Teams from Spreadsheet Hell." The subtle piece of Codence branding is their logo next to the word "We" and the use of Codence's branded typography. With three colors in play (Black, White, and the Aqua Green) and a use of large type, the design is memorable. This sticker will play well on laptops, water bottles and anywhere else the Codence team wants to represent their mission.

More about Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers are available in matte or glossy finishes, and you get full color matching and free custom shapes. That's right, we can make the design of your dreams come true. Each die cut sticker is printed on durable materials that feature a crack and peel backing for easy application. If you have a business and you have a logo, use custom stickers to work as portable billboards for your brand. You can see how well the Codence sticker will travel, and with a catchy mantra like We Kill Spreadsheets, your branded custom sticker is sure to make a mark.