CogniTea Rocks Gorilla Marketing

Custom Printed Sticker Labels for CogniTea printed by StickerGiant

CogniTea has productivity covered. Offering a healthier solution to the inevitable afternoon slump, this startup tea company is driving sustainable business growth through their Indiegogo project.

In fact, they sent us one of their prototypes just last week to try them for ourselves. There's nothing we love more than proving a products viability while running a successful grassroots campaign, and the label stickers they've been using to drive traffic to their funding platform is truly ingenious.

Just say no to putting your startup in debt to fund your idea!

An expertly executed crowdfunding campaign = sustainable startups. It doesn't hurt of course that the product speaks for itself. Once you experience an energy boost that circumvents the inevitable crash, you'll never want to go back. Can the big energy drink producers compete with that? Of course not!

But develop a network of product evangelists through an well-thought out crowdfunding campaign, and you have a business foundation of support worth it's weight in gold.

Be sure to keep your eye on the founders of CogniTea. This Team is doing business for all the right reasons and their sticker-driven gorilla marketing is worth implementing for your own crowdfunded venture.