Creative Uses for Stickers That Promote Your Brand

changemaker sticker on cardboard box stickergiant

Stickers are a cost-effective way to brand your product and get the word out about your cause – who doesn’t love a free sticker? The cooler, the better. Some people actually collect stickers from their favorite places or events, which means getting your stickers out there in the hands of the general public increases your chances of drawing in loyal customers. Building a fan base is one ultimate key to success.

Most people are used to getting stickers in the mail with their order, but why not move your stickers to the streets? There are plenty of blank spots in the city just waiting to be stickered, so grab a handful of people and get to it!

Here are just a few examples of places your can stick your logo:

  • Trash cans – Everyone has to use them at some point in the day, so why not create a focal point while doing so? Slap a sticker under the lid or on the outside and give people something to smile about.

  • Car windows – Not on the window itself, as that would be vandalism, but under the wiper blades! If you’ve got the time and energy, you can create a little flyer with a sticker stapled to it then attack a local parking lot with your brand.

  • Bulletin boards – A lot of local businesses have a cork board set up where advertisements and business cards go, so go sticker them! If you want to give customers a way to contact you directly, leave a business card with the sticker, too. Otherwise, let the intrigue of your design encourage them seek you out. 

There are lots of creative ways to get all eyes on you – the crazier, the better! Make sure you keep it legal and think outside the box. Now that you know empty spots are just sticker places waiting to happen, keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic places to stick one down.