Custom labels for Barred Woods Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Products


Today's Sticker Story comes from the Western slopes of Northern Vermont's Green Mountains, where Barred Woods Maple Sugar harvests the sweetest elixir Mother Nature has to offer. They use our custom labels for their various Maple Sugar products, and we wanted to take a virtual trip to their "sugarbush" with our customer spotlight.

On their custom designed label, you see the mascot for Barred Woods: Emma the Owl. As the story goes, the name came about during a walk through the sugarbush where the team crossed paths with a large barred owl perched high up in the pines. They sang back and forth with the owl, and they decided to name her Emma, after the woman that used to own their land, and then name the company after the barred owl species.

Their labels feature their namesake Emma in front of a forest, with a blue sky background and orange maple leaves adorning the frame. It's a classic simple design that makes for maximum brand exposure, and their mix of purple, blue and black really pops off the containers where the labels are applied. This is a key element to label design: you still want your products to stand out, along with your brand. It's a fine balance, and Barred Woods pulls it off in style.

Before you go, check out this amazing drone video on their About Us page that shows their sugarbush, a 1,500-acre patch of hardwood forest in Northern Vermont that's home to moose, black bears, bobcats, migrating songbirds, and some of the finest Sugar Maple Forest in the Green Mountain State. Just thinking about all those wild animals carousing through the hardwoods as these stately pines brew up their sugary sap is enough to make us want to take a trip to Vermont to see their tapping season in full swing. Spring is in the air, and that means plenty of sugar that needs labels.

More about custom product labels

We have a few options for custom labels, whether you want a glossy finish or a matte finish. It's up to you. We can orient your labels on the roll if you plan on using an application machine, to help make this process a breeze. You get to customize the artwork, the shape, the size and the color. We provide high quality, durable labels that are affordable and memorable. If you're selling products, you need a label: why not try a StickerGiant label today?