Dash City Skyline

The guys from Dash City Skyline are putting the pop in punk. Or is it the punk in pop? Whichever way round, this fine fivesome from Pittsburgh are working it and have recently released their first EP. Way to go!
Since August 2009 a storm has been brewing...the storm of Dash City Skyline. Originally formed in August of 2009 by guitarist Brandon Erskine, DCS has been mixing up their own brand of pop-punk, drawing on influences far and wide in their quest for greatness. Though held back by the loss of their original bassist and lack of a strong lead singer through much of 2010, DCS is now ready to step out f...rom the shadows and leap to the front of the music scene. With the addition of lead singer Ryan Battles in late 2010 to the strong core of Dillon Carey on drums and the dual guitar attack of Brandon Erskine and Pat Englert, DCS has just finished their first studio EP, "GET SOME!", and are currently filling up their show schedule for Fall/Winter 2011.

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