How to remove a sticker

Laptop plastered with boy band ephemera but now you're on tour with Phish? Sometimes it's time for a refresh, even with stickers. Here's a quickie video demonstration of how to remove old stickers from a laptop cover. Remember, it's just a suggestion!

Supplies: gauze pads, lens cleaner,  Zippo lighter fluid, stiff plastic card, and a blow dryer.

4 easy steps:
1. Heat the sticker surface with the blow dryer.
2. Scrape the edge with the card and peel sticker off.
3. Clean up adhesive residue with gauze pads and lighter fluid.
4. Clean up again with lens cleaner.

Viola! Two less stickers and no sticky residue!

Disclaimer that we hope is legally binding—Kids: Get Mom and Dad to help you do this! Mom and Dad: We're sorry for telling the kids about lighter fluid.