Design fit for a king on Royal Sound & Lighting promotional stickers


The team at Royal Sound & Lighting have launched California's premier party, event and festival production company, and they are getting their name out into the world with a variety of matte stickers with their logo.

Royal Sound & Lighting is a collaboration of members from Stilldream, Mountain Lion Hi Fi and Firefly Creations, who are some of Northern California's top production crews. This new group is powered by Void Acoustics, and their stickers were designed by Paul Gamma of Stilldream Festival.


The design is instantly iconic, with the green, yellow and red of the background harkening to the Lion of Judah motif that plays prominently in reggae music and in Ethiopian history on the imperial flag, currency, and stamps, including during the time of Emperor Haile Selassie I. The Lion has the crown on his head and the general brand is in black-and-white, as is the type on the brand name, which gives immediate contrast to the three colors in the background. The Lion of Judah is a prominent symbol in the Rastafari movement, and it is said to represent Selassie and also serve as a symbol of strength, kingship, pride and African sovereignty.

They have a circle and square design with the three-color concept and one black logo sticker for a total brand experience, and this will give fans a few options for sticker placements. These designs are simple and feature clean lines, while the brand mark (The Lion) features powerful contrast within the vector shapes that make up the design itself. The matte finish really gives the royal treatment for this brand, with a smooth feel and a easy to peel backing.


More about matte stickers

The Royal Sound & Lighting team went with circles and squares for their custom shaped stickers, and you can customize however you want, whether it's right up to the edge of your logo or on a larger shape. You don't have to pay for setup fees or die cuts with our matte stickers, and you'll get outdoor durability with a long-lasting hold. You brand with get serious volume when you go with a sticker for promotions, and just like Royal Sound & Lighting, you're sure to amplify your current marketing efforts. It's just about summer festival season, so there will be music fans out in full force. Get in front of them with a custom logo sticker.