Did you Know that StickerGiant has a Theme Song?

Some of the most iconic brands of the 20th century and beyond have had ear-splittingly catchy jingles that you can't seem to stop humming. Anyone remember the Meow Mix cat song? Or how about the one for Chili's baby back ribs? Some earworms are just too good to go away, and some should have never made it to production.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a theme song or jingle can be found in the most unlikely places - like StickerGiant!

Daniel Braha is a longtime friend of StickerGiant, and a super creative guy. With his love of song in his heart and a backpack full of necessities, he travels the world to seek out new experiences and make some awesome friends along the way. Daniel was gracious enough to bestow upon us his gift of music in the form of a StickerGiant theme song, which is featured above, done on the fly during an impromptu jam session. How cool is that?

StickerGiant loves to support artistic endeavors, and Daniel is just one of many friends we have that keep the lighthearted nature going at all times. We hope that same artistic impression is reflected in your stickers, too! Ready to start your order? It's never too late to turn your bright idea into an iconic piece of history!