DJ Jazzy Jeff Spins the Old-School Sounds in a Fresh New Way

dj jazzy jeff sticker stickergiant

Originally gaining fame in the late 80’s-early 90’s for his awesome DJ skills (and unlikely partnership with Will Smith), DJ Jazzy Jeff has moved on from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to become a household name all his own. He has moved on from simple turntable scratches to head his own production company, tour endlessly and create both solo and collaboration projects that will blow your mind.

It’s no surprise, then, that Jazzy Jeff turned to the power of stickers to get the word out about his music. There have been two other generations of beat-loving kids since he originally came on the scene almost three decades ago (wow!) and the music lovers of today might not be familiar with the DJ and all the cool that he brings. Putting this sticker on your bumper, laptop or window is sure to inspire the “Who’s that?” conversations that will inevitably spread his music to everyone in this generation. It’s a new tactic for an old hand at the game, one that is relevant to today’s kids without being loud and in the way.

Genius, if you think about it. A simple sticker can actually revolutionize the way we see DJ Jazzy Jeff’s music and get us interested in his work once again. You can click here for his music and see for yourself why this musical great still has it.

If you are a fellow DJ just like DJ Jazzy Jeff and want to hand out some stickers to inspire others, grab some here.

Catch DJ Jazzy Jeff live here: