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I was expecting, oh, I don't know, a site about walking dogs, maybe sharing the best places for doggie walks, a social media play kinda thing. But that's not what serves up. Instead, it's "political and social commentary through the eyes of three smart dogs." Gotta get a gimmick, right? But the blog posts (authored by one Rufus Dogg, made famous I guess on their custom sticker) really are thoughtful commentary. As the author points out, there's really no reason for a dog to lie.
Is Rufus a real dog?
Yes, Rufus is very real. He was born in June 2000 and “rescued” from Jack’s in Trotwood by a very caring family who lives in Englewood, Ohio. There, he has flourished in the lap of near luxury, enjoying a MINIMUM of three walks a day, chasing rabbits, squirrels and playing with a squeaky toy.

Does Rufus really write this blog?
Well… not really,. He is, after all a dog and he has no thumbs. So, typing is very difficult. But, he is the alter-ego of his owner from time to time. At other times, he is a reflection of the world around him.

Dammit, why did I have to read the "About Rufus" page? I was loving the image of a dog nosing a MacBook, typing out blog posts one letter at a time.


  1. Great customer service (seriously, lots of companies say that, but these guys are so way above the promises... Robin especially..) quality stickers and a blog post that tells our story.. three reasons why Sticker Giant will always be my sticker people. I don't even price shop because this experience is priceless. Hmmm.. a #letsblogoff theme? Maybe!
    Thanks guys! My sticker job is always in good hands with you.

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