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Tomlinson's Loves...

There is a lot of love being expressed in many forms this week. Tomlinson's Feed is showing that love in the form of a custom die cut sticker that can be applied in many ways. Tomlinson's are locally owned, family operated natural pet food stores in Austin and the central Texas ... [Read More]

My Dog is my Role Model

We had to revisit our friends at Poochie-Pets, who have all sorts of fun pet products and a doggone good custom sticker design. Poochie-Pets continues to have great stickers stories to tell, their first being all about their use of full color, digitally printed stickers to help sell ... [Read More]

Join Team Strong with Bacon Bibs

Representing "Team Strong" with Bacon Bibs to help promote Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer affects us all even our furry companions. The month of May is a chance for us all to shine more light on cancer and we are helping that light shine with some custom Team Strong stickers. Bacon ... [Read More]
Poochie Bells

Your Dog is Talking with Poochie Bells

Any of you that have trained a young, adorable puppy are aware that potty training is a very stressful thing. Poochie-Pets is trying to help us all out with their PoochieBells as a way for the young puppies to let us know, "I gotta go!" PoochieBells are durable, leash-style ropes that ... [Read More]
Cool Skateboarding Dog

Teaching Fido to Ollie

Give me a paw, roll over and play dead, go fetch ... none of that cuts the mustard these days. The masses want to see something new. Blame it on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, America's Funniest Home Videos, and YouTube. Everyone loves a dog with a special skill. But where ... [Read More]

Dogs Allowed

[Editor's Note: The page for That Dog App is down, but we've preserved their sticker story.] Looking to spend some quality time out and about on Saturday with your best furry pal but not sure if, ahem, he'll be welcome around town? Avoid awkward moments and hurt feelings (Fido's so ... [Read More]