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Tomlinson's Loves...


There is a lot of love being expressed in many forms this week. Tomlinson's Feed is showing that love in the form of a custom die cut sticker that can be applied in many ways.

Tomlinson's are locally owned, family operated natural pet food stores in Austin and the central Texas region. Their focus is on providing value to the community and to do so they follow some awesome core values; health, delight, quality, team, expertise, growth, animal rescue and trust.

Over the years, they have printed several different custom stickers and labels from seasons greetings to clearance sale promotions. This year, they are kicking it off with this die cut heart sticker with their branding inside making the statement "Tomlinson's Loves..." which can be use in a variety of applications to promote their pet stores.

Watch their video to hear about their history and meet the Clicks family who is behind the Tomlinson's brand.

My Dog is my Role Model


We had to revisit our friends at Poochie-Pets, who have all sorts of fun pet products and a doggone good custom sticker design.

Poochie-Pets continues to have great stickers stories to tell, their first being all about their use of full color, digitally printed stickers to help sell and promote PoochieBells®.

PoochieBells® was the original product invention that brought around Poochie-Pets to begin with ten years ago. Today, they have expanded into more training, giving back and spreading the joy of having dogs in our lives. In fostering their community and fans, they have setup PoochieLife, where anyone can share a photo of themselves with their dog and give the reason that their dog makes them a better person.
"Your team at Poochie-Pets is dedicated to fostering our belief that for those lucky enough to have a dog in their lives, Your Dog Makes You A Better Person."

Give a dog a bone then give a dog owner a custom shaped bone sticker that says "My Dog Is My Role Model" and both are happy. We love this sticker and can already see it on the back of car windows and used as bumper stickers.

Poochie-Pets is sharing their reason for being through amazing stickers.

Join Team Strong with Bacon Bibs


Representing "Team Strong" with Bacon Bibs to help promote Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer affects us all even our furry companions. The month of May is a chance for us all to shine more light on cancer and we are helping that light shine with some custom Team Strong stickers.

Bacon Bibs keep our best friends looking fly on the fly with all sorts of custom bandanas to match their style. Tina and Sarah are the owners of Bacon Bibs and also are full time graphic designers. They screen print and sew them all the bibs, after illustrating all the designs.

To help raise more awareness, Bacon Bibs has teamed with other dog personalities on Instagram to form Team Strong. Their team logo design was made into awesome custom stickers that are being included in orders of Bacon Bibs during the month of May. Proceeds of sales for the Team Strong products will be going directly to pet cancer research.

It feels good to be part of a solution to a problem, it feels even better when you can peel and stick that you did your part.

Your Dog is Talking with Poochie Bells

Poochie Bells

Any of you that have trained a young, adorable puppy are aware that potty training is a very stressful thing. Poochie-Pets is trying to help us all out with their PoochieBells as a way for the young puppies to let us know, "I gotta go!"

PoochieBells are durable, leash-style ropes that go on the door knob with a series of bells attached. Dog talk is hard, so Poochie-Pets came up with this original dog potty doorbell to make communication easier for your puppy. When your dog has to go, just listen for the jingle. PoochieBells also provides training instructions with every purchase to help get your dog adapt to the new system.

In promoting PoochieBells, they have set up in store displays with training materials and reasons why their product will make your potting training experience easier. They also have printed up some full color custom stickers that display all their product information with a website to share your PoochieLife reason (story) with a QR code as a quick link to their page.

Needing more than just a logo sticker? Our digital printers can bring images out in a custom sticker to truly convey the stories behind your products and services. Every sticker has a story.

Teaching Fido to Ollie

Cool Skateboarding Dog

Give me a paw, roll over and play dead, go fetch ... none of that cuts the mustard these days.

The masses want to see something new.

Blame it on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, America's Funniest Home Videos, and YouTube.

Everyone loves a dog with a special skill.

But where would we be without those televised canine acts of wonder?

What tantalizing tidbits of trivial entertainment would entertain the nation for the next fifteen seconds?

Dogs, both old and new, are under constant pressure to develop new material. They are the clowns that work tirelessly to keep us amused. They have been sent to Earth on a lifelong mission to keep us happy.

It's a dog's life, as the saying goes. But what does that really mean?

When dogs are but wee pups, the seriousness has yet to seep into their bones. Everything is new. The most simple thing brings amazement and the oh-so-familiar tilt of the head ... as if to say, what's up with that?

No one taught that little trick to the new dog. It was a built-in response.

Getting Fido on a skateboard, now that's something new.

Well, as new as skateboards are, that is ... for surely, as long as there have been skateboards, someone's been trying to teach their dog to cruise the sidewalks.

This video of Tillman the skateboarding bulldog has rolled up well over twenty million views on YouTube. Now that's the new American dream ...

In the words of the immortal Joe Strummer, "Plato the Greek or Rin Tin Tin. Who's more famous to the billion millions?"

Life is too important to be taken seriously.
- Oscar Wilde

Phil Lewis Art's Custom Die-Cut Stickers are Howlin' Great!

Phil Lewis Art's super cool custom die cut wolf sticker

Accurately reproducing an artist's work is one of the most important things we do here at StickerGiant.

The custom die-cut wolf sticker we recently printed for Boulder artist Phil Lewis is a perfect case in point. The artwork was incredibly complex and filled with intricate line work and deep saturated colors.

Phil pencils his artwork freehand and inks the fine lines with Pigma Micron pens. Once the black and white line work is done, Phil scans the artwork and prints out a clean copy. The color work is done with Sharpies and other markers.

After the color work is complete, Phil scans the artwork into Photoshop again and goes to town with a Wacom drawing tablet. Brightness and contrast are adjusted, colors are reworked and the black lines are redrawn. The Burn tool is used to add shading and depth for a 3D look.

We added just a tiny bit of magic once the artwork was on our system. Our digital process enables a smooth die cut that enhances the three-dimensional effect, insuring that the sticker will visually pop off whatever surface it'sapplied to.

Kick back and watch Phil create The Buffalo ...

Would you keep a wolf as a pet? I know folks that do and have to admit that the whole idea makes me a little antsy. But the idea of having an Ant Farm makes more worse than antsy ... it makes me itchy. Thinking about having a small herd of buffalo roaming the south forty, on the other hand, makes me want to whistle a happy tune.