Fender Road Worn Guitars

Hi I'm John Fischer, I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant, and today I am here with Todd. Todd owns a guitar store here in Longmont, Colorado, a retailer for high-end guitars.

Most of you know one of our best customers for custom printing is Fender Guitars and we recently did two stickers for them. This is a two color sticker that says Road Worn and it's die-cut into a unique shape. We also did a four color version of the exact sticker. We didn't know what road worn was, so I came down to Guitars, Etc today to ask Todd to explain, What is Road Worn by Fender?

Sure, so Road Worn is a series that is being launched at the Winter Namm show in Anaheim, CA the week of January 14th. Fender will unveil four Stratocasters, two Telecasters, two P Bases and 2 Jazz Basses. And basically what the term road worn means is that Fender builds brand new guitars with all the things you want in a brand new guitar “ they tune well, play well and look great. But then they take the guitars and distress the finishes, they shape the necks a little bit so that it feels like the guitar has been played and beaten up for 20 years. There's something extremely magical about having a guitar that's been played “you know a 1961 Strata caster has lost a lot of wood off the back of the neck, every nick and ding has its own story. This is a marriage of two things we want in our industry. We want the modern technology of Fender's built quality, to have really great instruments, but we want them to look like we've played them for 100 years." That way if you take your new guitar home to Joey Fischer and he hits it into the coffee table and it gets a scratch, who cares?

These are great guitars. Fender has four levels of guitars, an import series built in China, a facility right below the California border in Mexico, one that's right above the border in California, and then they have their custom shop in California. This falls in the Mexican facility, with the same components that would be in American guitars. A wonderful quality in terms of the fit and finish and the stuff they pack into the guitar including great electronics, and great wood pieces. In fact the senior master builder of the Fender American custom shop once or twice a year puts together some guitars that he has specifically built in the Mexican facility.

Well, thanks Todd, for telling us what Road Worn is, and thanks for watching.


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