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No One Knows Ice Fishing Better than Tightline Outdoors

StickerGiant helped sponsor the Tightline Outdoors Ice Addiction event

'Tis the season for winter fishing, and if you live in an area where the air hurts your face, you must be in none other than Colorado. Tightline Outdoors, based in beautiful Conifer, Colorado, knows exactly what to do when the fishing waters turn to ice and it's too cold to think - grab some friends and go ice fishing!

Tightline Outdoors held one of many ice fishing tournaments this past weekend, and StickerGiant had the honor of not only printing the event's stickers, but being a sponsor, as well. Two of our lovely employees also attended - Jordan Muench, who is our pre-pressman with a zest for marketing, and our designer Kevin Griffith - to take lots of pictures and hand out our sponsored stickers. You can see some of Jordan's handiwork above!

Handing out stickers to all event attendees is a great way to really get on the front lines and schmooze with the customers, and StickerGiant was lucky enough to be in the thick of it all. Stickers are fantastic at helping to create special event memories that can be recalled at a glance while still unifying ice fishing fans from all over, like with Tightline Outdoors. Awesome!

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I Cook, You Eat? Sounds Like a Plan!

Eat private chef and catering stickers by StickerGiant

We love to cook, but we love to eat just a little bit more, which is why the idea of Eat is so pleasant to the mind. Who doesn't love someone cooking for them while they relax?

Based on the Colorado Front Range in cities like Aspen and the town of Lyons, Eat is a private chef and catering company that is determined to bring fresh, healthy meals to a dinner table near you - or your own, if you wish! Their private chef service gives people a chance to unwind at the end of the day without having to worry about putting food on the table, while their catering service brings home-cooked goodness to a larger group without sacrificing taste.

Owned by self-described food artist Katie Baum, Eat offers not only exquisitely delicious chef services, but also partners with the Lyons Farmette for farm-fresh dinners that everyone can enjoy. They can even help style your event! With so many gorgeous options available, Eat has created a sticker that is simple, cozy and full of bright color - the perfect addition to any cook's kitchen! A large logo and simple website details keep the sticker uncluttered and highly noticeable. Magnifico!

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The National Park Poster Project: Successfully Funded!

StickerGiant helped to successfully fund The National Park Poster Project

StickerGiant loves to help small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and creative artists with their endeavors when we can. We love our home state of Colorado and we truly enjoy helping fellow residents, which is why we recently contributed to The National Park Poster Project campaign on Kickstarter.

We're happy to report that the project was successfully funded! This means that the National Park posters from the 1930's and '40's that were started and never finished will now have a place in America's hearts as Rob Decker works tirelessly to finish the art he holds so dear. As a personal study under Ansel Adams, Decker has a special love for the National Parks and now we can all share in his heart's endeavors.

Following your dreams is something we should all be working towards, which is why The National Park Poster Project means so much to StickerGiant. We're so glad we could help this project come to fruition!

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StickerGiant is Growing!

StickerGiant Office Remodel

Office remodel at StickerGiant

Greetings, gentle reader! StickerGiant has been experiencing some recent excitement and we couldn't wait to share this with you. We're growing! Thanks to loyal customers just like you, our business has been steadily increasing over the last few years. We are now 26 full-time employees strong and, because of this, we are renovating the front office to accommodate more awesome staff members.

What does this mean for our customers? Well, it means the same great customer service you have come to expect from StickerGiant will still be our standard, and high quality stickers will still go out in a timely manner. This expansion means we will have even more people looking out for your best sticker interest, and you'll continue to receive the most awesome stickers in the world.

We are told we will move back into the space within 3 weeks when construction is complete, but you can still order stickers. Go to our sticker ordering tool, and one of our Sticker Experts will be in touch in two shakes of a bunny tail.

Warm Your Feet This Winter with XOAB Socks

StickerGiant contributed to the XOAB Kickstarter campaign

New socks feel awesome, we all know that. There's nothing better than slipping your little tootsies into a brand new pair of all-American, handmade Merino wool socks, especially on a fristy-frosty winter morning. XOAB knows how to make that warm wooly feeling stay with you all year long, and they're sharing their secret with you.

According to the XOAB website, their wool is "sheared in America’s western heartland and spun in South Carolina. Long staple cotton from California’s San Joaqin Valley, made into yarn in Georgia. Dyed in Pennsylvania, designed in San Francisco, and knitted into elegant, comfortable socks in the hills of North Carolina." I don't know if there's any definition of Made in America better than that.

XOAB recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and StickerGiant was one of the contributors. We believe in hard work and high-quality products, too, and are happy to support entrepreneurs who have a really great idea that needs to be pushed forward. Our CEO, John Fischer, recently received his perk for contributing to their campaign and, man - these socks are awesome! Funky, quality toe cozies that add a bright pop of color to any outfit. Pretty groovy!

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Meet John Fischer: Founder and CEO of StickerGiant

StickerGiant CEO John Fischer

Hailey here, resident StickerFairy and manager of all things marketing-related here at StickerGiant. As some of you know, December marks the release of our 3rd annual cookbook. This project is something we cherish here at StickerGiant because the cookbook is our way of connecting with customers. We use it to introduce ourselves as the unique team players we are through our love of cooking.

To help get you excited about the cookbook, I want to let you in on some of the people you'll be meeting this year.

To kick us off, I want you to introduce you to John Fischer--the founder and CEO of StickerGiant. John is an amazing visionary leader who means a lot to so many. John has an eye for talent and the biggest heart around. It's a huge reason why the culture at StickerGiant is the best I have ever been part of, bar none. Thanks to his example, we all look out for each other. We laugh a lot. And we constantly go the extra mile to get the job done.

John is the type of guy that abhors the suit and tie motif. John is direct when he needs to be, always quick with a joke, and his signature smile--impish in nature--is just the added touch that makes everyone want to join him in his next crazy idea.

Perhaps John's greatest quality is his accessibility. He maintains a cubicle smaller than most of the staff located in the thick of the bustling hubbub that is our manufacturing headquarters.

As an employee, I've observed that John's focus on open book management, financial transparency and bootstrapping are the core business values that have no doubt led to the company's success. I've watched the company grow from 16 to 26 people in a little over one year. John is always striving to keep the company culture and internal identity intact. In short, John is constantly proving to be a leader worth following and I'm proud to say that I work for him.

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