Four Ways To Market Your Business With Stickers

The StickerGiant says: "The custom sticker is essentially the new business card." Wow! Here's four ways to market your business with stickers.

1) If you've got a storefront, that's where you start. Begin by sticking your stickers wherever you can, including your doors, windows, and counters – even put 'em on your company vehicle. Get the customer familiar with the sticker. It's even better if your stickers match your logo so that people will instantly identify you with that sticker.

2) Next, you want to include them in bags as people checkout at your store. Wherever that sticker goes, your brand goes as well. This is absolutely the best way to get your stickers in the hands of customers.

3) f you provide a service and you don't have any bags, then start a mailing list. You can even set it up so that people can sign-up on your website and then mail them their custom sticker. If you already have a mailing list, then you're already a step ahead. Start by sending out free custom stickers to those people on the list.

4) Finally, try out a little cross promotion. If you know of similar businesses that are nearby, talk to them about trading stickers and helping to spread the word with stickers. If you happen to use a vendor, you can swap stickers with them as well. This method really works for local retail businesses that appeal to the same type of person but do not compete for the same business.

The idea is to get stickers in the hands of as many people as possible. The more you get your stickers out there, the better they work for you. You can even distribute them like business cards and give them to anyone who needs to remember you and your business. "Stickers build awareness," shouts the StickerGiant!