Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Andrew


Hey there, StickerGiant Fans. It's time again to introduce you to another one of our team members here working on site in Longmont, Colorado to help you get custom stickers and labels. Meet Andrew, our Marketing Technologist, who helps maintain the website, lends his voice to our videos, hosts our new Sticker Stories Podcast and many more things related to searching StickerGiant.

This time around we sat down on camera with Andrew to give you a little insight into who he is and what he is all about. Feel free to read through the transcript or simply watch the video below. Without further interruption, here is more about Andrew:

“Hey there, I’m Andrew and this is my Sticker Story.”

What do you do?

“So I’m Andrew, and I’m the Marketing Technologist here at StickerGiant. So what does that mean? I help write the blog. I do our video work with our video team. I do our podcast with Hamish, if you haven’t checked it out, it’s pretty cool. I work on our sponsorships, so I try to find groups and communities that we sponsor in-kind. I also work on our website every single day trying to get something on our website better for our customers.”

What’s your story?

“Usually, I say ‘Hi, I’m Andrew and I love maps’ because I do. I love maps. There’s one behind me actually which is pretty cool to have this desk with a map. I was the map editor for Backpacker Magazine. I’ve spent a lot of time in our National Parks mapping, they're my favorite thing to collect, National Park maps actually. That classic black design on the bar and the white text. I have three little kids, so we love to get outdoors with them. I love to ride bikes and recently been building some pretty cool stuff with power tools. So, if I am not here pushing pixels, I will be either playing guitar or making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my kids.”

How long have you worked at StickerGiant? What’s your background?

“So, I have been working at StickerGiant for three years. I started here as a contractor, actually. I met our CEO, John Fischer, at the farmer’s market and he asked me to help him with his website. So, I did. We have done so much in the last three years in marketing and we’ve expanded to an entire department, which is pretty fun to have all these people around doing this job together and having fun doing it. I’m originally from Chicago. I’ve been working in media for fifteen years. I’ve done radio work, TV work and it’s pretty fun to apply all those skills here in our digital marketing matrix, it’s a lot of fun.”

What’s your favorite part about your job?

“My favorite part about my job here at StickerGiant is right now, talking to the camera and you. Also, we have a lot of fun with our podcast which is on Facebook Live. We just started that up and being able to be creative is my favorite part of my job. Because we have really cool stories to tell about our customers so whenever a cool sticker comes through the shop it’s always fun to just sit around and talk about it. We are in the business of storytelling and we get to do it about all these cool businesses. That to me is my favorite part of my job, seeing everything out of the factory, out of the world that we get to then share with the world.

Tell us more.

“I … am really psyched right now about robots. We are working with some cool local groups doing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) initiatives, teaching kids how to solve problems with robots. So one of the cool things we’ve been able to do is help these groups out and even do other sort of technology youth focused things which has been really cool for us as a business to be in these communities where kids are directly affected. You can see there progress and it’s more about them and it’s not just stickers, although they have really cool stickers but one thing that I’m psyched about is sort of robotics… it’s something I’m psyched about.”    


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