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Meet Beth: Chief Operating Officer and Business Geek

  Beth is our Chief Operating Officer, where she works closely with everyone to keep our team on track and well coordinated. She's spent time in the technology industry and also logistics, with a 20-year career at UPS that influences how she organizes the day-to-day here at ... [Read More]

Meet Araleny: Packinging boxes with love

Araleny is packaging up stickers and labels with love every day. She loves working with stickers and the people who make up Team StickerGiant. In her free time, you will find her outdoors or helping out at her Church. Check out her video below ... [Read More]

Meet Jordan: Artwork Wrangler and RC Car Racer

Get to know Jordan from the StickerGiant Prepress Team. Jordan is responsible for taking your approved artwork and getting it set up properly before it runs through the shop and becomes beautiful stickers and labels. An entrepreneur with an affinity to be creative, Jordan is another of ... [Read More]
[SG] Jesse Sticker Story YouTube Badge

StickerGiant: Meet Jesse: Marketing, Music and World Records

Jesse is the Marketing Director here at StickerGiant and also the creator of Saul the Guinness World Record for Largest Sticker Ball and National Sticker Day. When he's not coming up with business strategies and producing content about stickers, he is passionate about music, gaming, ... [Read More]
[SG] Meghan Sticker Story

Meet Meghan from our Customer Success Team

Get to know Meghan from our Customer Success Team. She is a first point of contact for many of our customers that submit orders through our website, and she makes sure their orders get all the way through our shop to their doorstep. Meghan loves enjoying the outdoors of Colorado and using ... [Read More]