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Meet Sara From Our Finance Team

Get to know Sara from our Finance Team at StickerGiant. She is known for her laughter and it's very contagious. She also has jokes for days! Hello, Sara! Tell Us Your Story! Hi my name is Sara, and this is my Sticker Story. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I currently live ... [Read More]

Meet Reece Our Pre-Flight Supervisor

Reece has been with Team StickerGiant for some time, but our last blog post about him was in 2012. A lot has changed here at StickerGiant, and Reece has been a big part of our growth and success, so it's time to update his story. Hello, Reece! Tell Us Your Sticker Story! My Name is ... [Read More]

Meet Shandell From Our Pre-Flight Team

Shandell is on our Pre-Flight team working on getting the perfect layout for your designs to run efficiently through our sticker factory. Watch to learn more about Shandell. Hello Shandell! Tell Us Your Story! Hey there my name is Shandell, and this my sticker story. I'm from ... [Read More]

Meet Megan, a Giant on our Marketing Team

Megan is our SEO Analyst here at StickerGiant. She has a background in digital marketing and brand management, and she's a native Colorado girl. Megan collected stickers as a child, so working for a place like StickerGiant is a dream come true. ... [Read More]

Meet Taylor From Our Customer Success Team

Taylor works on our Customer Success Team, and he ensures that our customers get their order in the door and and out to our production team. Taylor has a background in Art, so StickerGiant is a perfect fit. Taylor is a Colorado native, and he loves to spend time at Red Rocks or doing any ... [Read More]