Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Lily


Day to day, we work hard to get you custom stickers and labels super fast. To do this, we work as a team to get all incoming orders through our shop and out the door quickly. Our goal as a company is to provide an outstanding customer experience. One of our Customer Service Ninjas who is always going above and beyond while getting recognized by customers as a joy to work with is Lily.

"Lily was amazing throughout the process, promptly responding to emails, and just generally expediting the process," stated Timbukthree 4WD & Auto Repair on a five star Google Review.

We love to introduce you to members of the StickerGiant Team and today, we want you to meet Lily and get to know her.

In your own words, who are you and what do you do?
"My name is Lily. I make people's day by helping them navigate the ordering process of getting custom stickers and labels."

Tell us a little bit about you.
"I am an artist. I love painting and sculpting. I am hoping to get some work cast in bronze later this year. Currently, I cast in resin and have focused on making toys and figurines of animals and other creatures. I'm a Colorado girl, born and raised. I love animals. I  have a dog named Frigg who was a rescue. I also have a tarantula and lizard. The lizard's name is Zilla. The tarantula is named Ariande and he has two friends who are cockroaches that he did not want to eat."

What else have you done in your career so far?
"I have worked in customer service and hospitality for six years before coming to StickerGiant. I had some amazing experiences being able to help with startups including, Kidrobot and the opening of a restaurant."

What's your favorite about your role at StickerGiant?
"I love seeing all the amazing, often comical things, people create stickers for. I also like getting to know customers over the course of the ordering process. It really makes me happy when I can help someone who is on a timeline, or stressed about something they need stickers or labels for and I can help make it happen. It makes the job a lot of fun."

Ordering stickers and labels can sometimes be a tough process but big thanks go out to Lily and our entire customer service team for making the order process a lot easier.