Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Ruth

Meet Ruth from Team StickerGiant

We are back to introduce you to another key member of StickerGiant, Ruth. Here is a look into who she is and what she is all about.

What's your role at StickerGiant?

I am the Office Assistant. so I help out in a variety of areas around StickerGiant. I assist the Marketing Team in following each customer that orders from us on all social media channels, categorize each customer by industry, ship referral gifts, and manage the StickerGiant swag inventory. I also help out the Customer Service Team with all outbound sample packs each and every day. There are several other daily projects and things around the sticker factory that I love to lend a hand. I have worked at StickerGiant for a year and a half now. I enjoy every minute of it. What I love about working here at StickerGiant is the way we operate a business. I have learned so much about how to treat customers and how business is done. Everyday I learn something new and gain more experience.

What's your story?

I was born in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. My parents brought me to Colorado when I was eleven years old. I have one brother and two sisters. I went to school here in Colorado and graduated from Skyline High School. I have been married for three years now to my high school sweetheart. In my free time, I love reading, baking, playing soccer and spending time with my family.

What's your background and experience?

Before StickerGiant, I worked in another manufacturing company, where I was a team leader and gained most of my work ethic. I was in charge of testing the product, entering the result of the product into the company system, packaging and entering each of the team's hours in to the system while also checking their hours were correct. 

Ruth is great member of Team StickerGiant and does a great job juggling many tasks that all contribute to getting custom stickers and labels out the door fast with a fantastic customer experience. From handling all sample packs to the little touch points on social media, she sees all orders coming through the shop in a unique way.