Gift Ideas: Dog Lovers

Witty Stickers that Work Great As Gifts for Dog Lovers

I've got the strangest feeling you might know what I'm gonna suggest you get people for the holidays. Did you guess...stickers? You did? Are you psychic? Because I was totally gonna say stickers.

Dog lovers as a breed (har-de-har-har) are among the most rabid fans out there. No, wait, not rabid, because then we'd have to put 'em down! Loyal, and friendly, and slobbery, and maybe a little bit scary if they're growling at you. Wait, am I talking about dog lovers or the dogs themselves? I've lost track. Anyway, dog lovers love their dogs, so try out dog-themed stickers so they can show their love and admiration. The dog lovers that is. Not the dogs. The dogs show their admiration by licking your face.

We've got a section for cat-and-dog-related stickers. So I guess you could get cat stickers for cat lovers too. But that is another post, for another day. Today, dogs rule.

[Editors Note: we no longer offer stickers for individual retail sale, so we can specialize in continuing to print up your custom designs every day. Get started with your own custom stickers or labels at]


  1. Love your website! I have one in South Africa too ;-)

  2. Are there stickers available for T-shirts as well.?
    I want to gift those to my class fellows.

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