Hate Has No Home At StickerGiant


We stand with the Black community. We are committed to anti-racism.

Hate has no home at StickerGiant. 

There is a call for change across our country, and we took some time out to provide opportunities for open discussion with all 85 of our Giants (employees) to gain insights on meaningful actions we could take together within our business and in our community.

Our Giants are real people. We are experiencing heartbreak and mourning. Right now, at this moment, we are heartbroken. At StickerGiant, we actively co-create an environment where all Giants can bring their whole selves to work and provide a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible work space in alignment with our values - to be all in, to grow and learn, and to spread positive energy. We utilize these values internally as guideposts when we see changes that need to take place within our company. From our internal discussions, here are the actionable steps we have taken:

  • We are organizing the creation of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team of employees to keep these discussions active and outcome-focused in our business. This process has just begun, and we look forward to sharing more about the team as it is formed and self-defined.

  • StickerGiant, at all levels, MUST be a holistic representation of our local community. This requires an ongoing, deep commitment to hire and promote Giants over time to make that happen. There is no doubt we can and must do better.

  • We have donated to the NAACP and to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we will continue to support Black-owned nonprofits and businesses. We will remain focused on social impact by ensuring our internal Community Team donates time, money, and resources to causes that advocate for those in historically underserved communities.

  • Out of respect for the Movement for Black Lives, we have paused our social media posts.

  • We will continue to stop hate speech from being printed at StickerGiant. We utilize the help of all Giants who put eyes on the artwork traveling through our processes. While this commitment sounds simple, hate and hate speech can be subtle, and we have made our mistakes along the way. We believe in freedom of speech and self-expression. However, we will not print anything that promotes violence or hatred against any individual or group. 

We are painfully aware that these actions are not a solution to systemic racism and historic inequality. This is an attempt to publicly share a direction that puts our values into meaningful action.

Stick Together,
Team StickerGiant