Merline Engle from Haiti Partners Talks About Education, Community and Hot Sauce


Merline Engle is a Haitian-American who is passionate about education, hospitality and entrepreneurship. Her primary project is the Children's Academy, part of Haiti Partners. She’s committed to continuing her family’s legacy of giving back to her mother land. She considers herself a foodie who loves nature and who is a lifelong learner and a mentor. Merline remembers how her grandfather would make his students repeat, “Education is the only key to a better life.” She puts that mission into play with all that she does, whether it's working with the Haiti Project or in the kitchen cooking up a batch of hot sauce.


Listen in as she joins Stickers on the Mic to talk more about the culture of Haiti and how Haiti Partners works to serve youth in Port-au-Prince and beyond.

Growing up in a diverse, international household helped Merline learn how she could serve as a bridge between Haitian and other internationals. To put that learning to work, she founded Wozo as Haiti Partners’ community choir, the Bellevue guest house, and is the designer behind the handmade Haitian greeting cards getting crafted at the Children’s Academy. Merline continues to play an active role in the Children's Academy as she continues her work in bottling up a culinary masterpiece through her hot sauce brand. Now, she’s the creator of Merline’s Hot Sauce. When it comes to the hot sauce business, you can see where Merline's passion for food comes through. The three styles they carry really pop with our clear labels, as you'll see below. They are available now on the Haiti Partners site.


There's a lot going on in the world, but as you'll see in this video, Haiti Partners has hope for the future in all that they do for their community.