Hello Kitty! Hello Ilene!


Name & Position:

Ilene, VIP of books, HR, office, birthday cake baker

Time with StickerGiant:
2.75 wonderful joyful years

Best part of the job:
Shopping for chocolate to keep our office candy barrel full. It takes a lot of chocolate to please everyone.

W. Los Angeles CA

Hidden Talent:
Spotting a Hello Kitty everywhere I go

Cake or Pie:
Cake that someone else bakes

Number one item on my bucket list:
To visit Maine and eat lots of fresh Maine lobsters and scallops

Favorite season and why:
Fall for its cooler temps. I love my cardigan sweaters

Cats or dogs?
Love both (but would rather take care of a cat)

The last movie I watched/book I read was:
Movie: The Magic of Bell Isle
Book: The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, Book Three)

Favorite use of a sticker:
Sticking a Hello Kitty sticker on my special pens I use at work (so that no one else can claim them)

Prediction for 2013:
Having more laughs with my co-workers at StickerGiant because I know we are a fun bunch of people.


  1. Nice picture Ilene. Should have fit more Hello Kittys in the shot.

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