How to Apply a StickerGiant Coupon at Checkout

Using a StickerGiant coupon at checkout is simple

If we're going to be honest with each other, then there's something you should know: coupon codes are super awesome! What's better than ordering your favorite schwag from the comfort of your laptop and getting it for less than full price? I'm sure there's something out there better than that, but I can't imagine what ....

Anyway, congratulations on getting yourself a StickerGiant coupon! You've joined the ranks of the elite, but you might have questions about how to actually go about applying the discount to your custom sticker order. Our resident StickerFairy, Hailey, has made a video showing you step by step how to use that little bit of awesome power you possess and get your order for less the normal. Fantastic!

Here's the video. It's less than two minutes and will get you pumped to start your custom sticker order. Questions or comments on this video? Leave them below - we love to hear feedback!


  1. Thank you for the input! We are looking into that and some other website improvements currently. You are awesome!

  2. As one of your customers who couldn't figure out how to apply the coupon code recently, may I offer a small suggestion? I missed the coupon code on the Cart page and was looking for it on the Checkout page (Review and Place Order).

    If you could put a small note on the Checkout page saying that the spot to input the code is one page back, I think it would really help.

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