How To Determine Max Print Size Using Photoshop

How to determine the maximum print size of your image using photoshop.
For your sticker to be the highest quality, we require a 300 dpi image.
If your image is larger than your desired sticker size, all you have to do is reduce your image size to achieve 300 dpi. If your image is smaller than your sticker size you cannot up-scale without loosing resolution, making it insufficient for printing..

I'll show you how to rescale your image without loosing resolution. First, go to the image menu, and select the "image size" option.

As you can see the image size is rather large, but the resolution is not. Simply un-click the resample image button and change the resolution to 300. Now your sticker can print at 5 x 3.75 in or smaller and will look great!

Thanks for watching.