Human Plus Kind Co. Lettering Stickers Remind Fans That "You've Got This"

Christy Batta is a graphic designer and branding expert for nonprofits and businesses doing good work for others.

She's also a community instigator and stripes enthusiast based in Hyattsville, MD. She helps organize @SSLetters, which is a group of hand lettering enthusiasts that meets monthly in Silver Spring, MD. She also helps run the Silver Spring Time Bank, a community association that offers its members both the chance to share their time and talents and to receive the benefits of others’ time and talents.

As a designer, her mission is to help clients make the right impressions on the right people. She believes design isn’t just about the typefaces and colors, but also creating a visual voice that people can recognize and trust.

Her voice is clearly strong, as her website address ( is a terrific play on her name and the age-old baseball phrase "Hey Batter!" She strives to be a partner on your team, and she listens to client's ideas so they feel heard and understood. This way, she works with her clients to create a design that supports their bigger vision.

Her favorite projects are the ones where she can see different points of view come together to make something new. She loves building positive creative partnerships with her clients so both parties stay motivated and inspired to do their best work.

In 2019, Christy started putting the messages she was lettering for herself into an Etsy shop to share so others going through tough times would be able to feel seen and not alone in their experiences. Appropriately, she named the storefront HumanPlusKindCo. There are a few different takes and products in the story, and in the photo above you can see a few different matte stickers with different phrases: You Are So Loved, You Are Enough, You Are Not Broken and You've Got This. There's even another special sticker that rounds out a five sticker pack that's on the site.

Simple messages like these work well for sticker applications. The choice of a single color background and contrasting use of typography goes a long way to make an impact for whoever sees this sticker. She also has prints and other types of media on her Etsy store for those that need the extra push during a low point. There's a true human touch in these stickers, and Christy's voice shines throughout.

You can connect with Christy on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.