Humboldt Republic State of Mind


Humboldt Republic is creating new designs every week that have the maximum potential for individuality through clothing, apparel and custom stickers.

Through the red woods of California near the northern coast you will find the Humboldt State. This is home base for our friends at Humboldt Republic, who have turned epic designs into fun custom stickers forty seven times over the past few years. We first covered Humboldt featuring their seven 'o seven sticker design back in 2013 and since then we have seen tons of  additional, well illustrated stickers come through the shop.

Humboldt Republic's brand is very much rooted in their location of  Northern California and celebrates that in a multitude of ways on their clothing and apparel. The rad thing about Humboldt Republic is they produce a new conceptually appealing design once a week and only do a limited batch of fifty prints. This maximizes the potential for individuality to shine through and to have a lot of diversity in what they offer to all communities.

They are constantly turning their designs into promotional stickers for their brand too. One of their newest ones features a colorful, yet simple design with the saying "Highest Hills." Then a twist to "The Hills Have Eyes" with a California bear design in the hill and another sticker with a fierce looking bear wearing a beanie. The final one on the top states "Humboldt Legends" and has amazing design work merged together with the center focus on an angry Sasquatch with the tag "King of the Woods." All these amazing custom stickers for Humboldt Republic were printed on our premium white sticker stock with a glossy finish and UV laminate to hold up to the outdoor elements.

These are just a small taste of the stickers they have printed but we are always stoked to see a new sticker for Humboldt Republic.